Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!  Well, we’ve had dinner with the family (tamales; that’s our tradition) The kids all opened their gifts of "Pajamas from Nana", we’ve been to church, the gifts are wrapped (that’s a first for me ~ getting it done ahead of time rather than staying up wrapping ’til 2am!) We’re tracking Santa on NORAD (Have you ever done that?  It’s fun!) and my breakfast for tomorrow – French Toast Casserole – is in the fridge and ready to go.  Now, I am waiting for Kiki to fall asleep (she’s in the livingroom on the couch – another tradition!) and when she does, I will fill herstoc king and put the rest of the gifts out.   Then, I guess I get to go to sleep!  Kiki is bound to wake up before the crack of dawn – she’s so darn excited!  Tonight we taught her how to make coffee, because I told her "no waking me up until the java’s ready!"  Poor kid, I know!!  We are having a very white Christmas – it’s been snowing like crazy all evening; the wet kind that sticks to everything.  It’s awesome. 
Whoops!  Just checked NORAD, and Santa is in my town!  Better go help him out!! 
Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends!! 

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