Pictures of our Christmas Trees

This is actually an "afterthought" – Spaces is really getting on my nerves!!  This whole picture system is now annoying and aggravating!!  Anyway, Spaces automatically added these pics to my Photo Album – and they actually look better over there, because somehow the pictures are somewhat cut off in this entry below…. I didn’t need this frustration at 7AM!!  Enjoy the pictures, though!
Wow, what a week!  It’s been one of those "last week before Christmas ~ last minute stuff to do" kinds of weeks.  Parties at school, parties at church, extra work at work (if that makes sense!) and of course, shopping, shopping,  shoppping….!  So I haven’t been on the computer at all… but,  here I am!  7am (yuck) and just a few minutes to spare before heading out to meet a couple gals for coffee (yeah, and I said I didn’t have any of those – who knew??  They are a couple gals I used to teach Wednesday nights Kids Club with before the church changed to having AWANA) and then Kiki and I go straight from there to a Mother-Daughter tea put on by a couple of teachers from the Co-op… See what I mean?  Busy, busy.   However, I thought I’d give you all a look at the crazy trees we did this year!  Not that they look crazy…. it was just crazy getting them to this point!!
Stupid, annoying Windows Spaces!!  Since their lovely new "upgrade" (as if!) it just took me 13 minutes to find, choose, and upload these pics!!  It used to take me mere seconds….UUURRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

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  1. well, cool, you got them here and they look great. about that curio cabnet there, I have one just like it though mine does not have a back board on top. Every time I move I\’m so afraid I\’m going to break the glass and never be able to replace it so I stuff my stuffed animals and pillows inside it. Does your\’s have wooden shelves also. email me and let me know. lj have a great holiday!

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