Buyer’s Remorse and other Christmas joys

First off, thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post – and yes, I am so very glad that no matter where I move, you friends I have here will go along with me!  That is a comfort.
But for today ~
We bought our Christmas tree yesterday.  And I am thinking next year I’m gettin’ a stinking fake tree with lights already on, and call it good.  The trouble began when I said it was my year to pick the tree.  See, most years we all sort of do it together, but back ‘before Kiki’ Alan and I traded off picking years, because he likes the really full trees, and I like – no, adore – the trees with stiff, straight branches that have a cluster of branches, then a gap, then a cluster of branches, then a gap….They call them "Silvertip" here, but back in California they called them "Nobles"… anyway, I like them because I have spent years collecting beautiful and unique ornaments, and some of them really large… and on that kind of tree, you can hang them all the way in and still see them; plus, you have enough space that they can hang freely.  Even Alan who doesn’t really  like that kind of tree will admit they are really beautiful when I get done with them!  We haven’t had one like that in several years (they tend to be quite a bit pricier) but I really really wanted one this year.  (actually, I don’t really want to decorate at all… thinking about that whole moving ordeal makes me feel rather Scroogish) but, if I have to… So, out we went.  To the regular spot we go – but they haven’t got what I want.  "Those went fast this year, the first weekend."  Of course.  Because this year we got started late.  We went to a new lot we’d spotted a few days before.  They trees are pretty nice, but small.  At this point, though, the Scroogie part is kicking in, and I’m tired of Kiki whining about how "ugly" the trees are I like, and I can’t find one I want, and it’s pickin’ cold out (That’s what we say in our neck of the woods – "Pickin’ cold.  I don’t know what that means, really, so don’t ask!)  So, I get this brilliant idea.  (Cripes, look out!)  So, we get one smallish tree and one tiny little tree, and we’re going for the Forest Look.  We almost lose the bigger of the two on the ride home because the guy didn’t tie it very well.  When we bring it inside, I realize it’s not just ‘smallish’ – it’s ridiculously small in our livingroom with the 10 ft.  ceiling… and I just started to cry.  Lol.  Yep, there I was, big crocodile tears dropping off my cheeks.  I think I’ll just chalk it up to being overly stressed out right now, okay??!  Alan is just looking at me like "What the heck??"  sigh.  We decided to put it up on a table so more than the top 6" would show through the front window…. then we spent all day trying to get the tiny tree in a stand.  Cheap stand, horribly bent trunk (we never even looked!).  Alan went to the store finally to get some nails and make one of those wooden "X’s" for it…. he asked "do you want nails, or should I just buy some kerosene?"  (We were both ready to just torch the thing and call it good!)  Well, it sounds like Alan is done dragging the Christmas decoration boxes in from the garage, so I guess we’ll give the decorating a try…. pray for me!!

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  1. I do pray for you and know how stress and the unknown can pound on us like these prairie winds. It is -44F here right now with the wind chill factor. Will you be putting up pictures after you decorate? I do hope so. You are so creative and I enjoy your creations. Hugs.

  2. Awww….I think that was a clever idea, Ann. I am sure the trees will look great. You have a knack.Is the move a done deal? If so, when? Don\’t forget; you will be closer to me! We might be able to meet one day.About your previous post: we go through seasons on our lives. Some people fit into the season we are in and others don\’t. Time to move on and put yourself out there…within reason. Will you join a home school association? I have friends who are members and they have lasting friendships from it.A big hug to you, sister. g

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