The Play’s The Thing

The kids did great!!  Kiki’s eyes looked a little, uh, blackened, but all in all, she looked sweet.  There was a huge crowd; several hundred people!  Wow!  The bummer was that there was some problem with sound, so they had no mikes at all… this in an auditorium which will seat 2000… so that was dumb.  I mean, this place is like "THE" theatre in town, so I can’t imagine what the problem was.  Poor Alan has problems with his hearing, so actually he missed most of the dialog.  Which is really sad.  I mean, the kids did a really good job at projecting their voices as best they could, but they just can’t fill the sound in a room like that.  Fortunately, Kiki did this same play with her homeschool group last year, so we did know the story, so we understood what was happening anyhow.  All in all, she loved it, had a blast doing it, and I am glad it’s over so I don’t have the 45-minute-one-way drive 2 & 3 days a week now!  LOl…. maybe I can work on Christmas around here now.

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  1. Yay to Kiki !!!Seems like there is always sound problems with things like that!!Thanks for the comment about our tree!!! Christmas is coming fast!!

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