Question of the Day!

Why is it, at least in the U.S., that the only "correct" number of children to have is either 2 (perfect) or 3 (normal and acceptable).   Go beyond that and people start to ask "why?".  "Why would you have so many kids?"  "What were you thinking?"  C’mon, you know someone who has their 4th or more, and people start to wonder about them.  I’ve heard the comments.  Worse yet, though, is having only one.  Then you really are a freak of nature – or selfish, or stupid.  Talk about "What were you thinking?"!!  Unless you aren’t able to have more, a notion people seem quite comfortable asking.   Why??  I’ve actually had someone tell me that I’m not a "real" mom because I’ve never had to deal with sibling fighting.  Really??  So, that painful kid-poppin’-out experience really didn’t happen?  I coulda sworn it did….. 
This is what I am wondering about today.

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  1. That is infuriating! What about us adoptive mothers? We aren\’t real either for sure because though we longed to have children of our own and agonized over if we were good enough people, rich enough etc… to adopt… people just don\’t understand that it\’s love that makes a mother.. Not quantity of children or how they came to be yours.Thankfully I have a very loving community of people around me who don\’t threaten my motherhood. They know how much we are in love with our boy.I really dislike the ones who say "here you can have mine!" That is an insult to me and their child. Stupid people… yep.

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