Not loving the new look

Sooo, I tried to make my space look "Christmasy" but hmm, it’s not really working.  How do you get pretty, nice backgrounds that Spaces doesn’t have?  I also am not really loving the new feel around Spaces, either.  Maybe once I get used to it… I think I understand why so many people defect to Blogger or other places…. I have to admit, I’m thinking about it.
Just a quick hello from me…. spent all day at church helping my sister decorate for the Ladies Tea tomorrow.  We didn’t do a table this year; we decorated the stage area up front and the entry way.  It all looks awesome, and I am so thankful to my sis for buying a ticket for me so I could actually attend the tea in the morning!  I think it will be really nice.  Tomorrow night is Kiki’s big onstage debut!  Not just the "little theater", but the big main one!  She’s really nervous, lol. 

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  1. Hey there Ann…I\’ve just gotten caught up on your blogs. Since I love Virginia, I am very excited for you…about your move. You will have access to so many things…historic…shopping…the availabily to interesting states all around. Most Virginians are down to earth and there are an abundance of good churches to go to. Your pastor may have affliations he could recommend too. I am praying hard that all the right doors will open to what the Lord has for you and your dear little family. The hardest thing for us moving up here has been in missing children, grandchildren, and church family, along with a job I loved. We make adjustments and know the Lord will bring good things out of it eventually, and see the added up little blessings along the way. There is no price one could put on this time with my mother…and I had many years in the past where I what only able to see my parents every several years. I am also praying that everything you need to do will come together well for that move. HUGS.

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