What a turkey

Today we are cooking a turkey.  Do you remember I said I’d never had to do one?  We-elll…. last week at church, it seems we had a few left over out in our food pantry, (totally awesome, because food at the local foodbank is low this year due to the economy, and even though many in our church have lost jobs, we knew the need would be great, so people stepped up to the plate!) so someone donated one to us.  Which in itself was weird enough – I mean, to be known as someone who could use a handout.  I mean, I’m not proud, it was just – weird.  Honestly, we’ve been in tougher spots before, and no one gave us anything…. it was nice to be thought of, really.   But then it was like, huh, now we’re gonna have to cook this sucker!  Neither of us has done that!  Well, Alan looked up all sorts of fancy methods to do it, but it came down to the wire like "cook it or lose it" so we just hucked it in there.  I’ll let you know if it works out!  I have to tell you –  I cleaned it out and washed it up – that was one of the most deeee-skust-ing things I’ve ever had to do!  I get why people choose to be vegetarians!  Eeyyywww.  Of course, I had to play with it and make it do the Turkey Dance… didn’t I have to?!
Speaking of turkeys, yesterday we bought the cat a new toy, mostly because he’s bored and driving us crazy… it was this little plastic ball that you put some catnip inside of.  So, he was having fun for awhile… then we left the room, and when we came back, this is what we found ~
See the little dark flecks all over the rug – and the cat?  Yeah, while we were out of the room, goobergrape climbed onto the kitchen counter (he’s not allowed there, of course, but I’m pretty sure cats don’t give a rip about rules) found the bag of catnip which I had forgotten to put safely away in the cupboard, ripped it apart and was wildly rolling around in it.  Yep, my cat was high, lol!!  Guess he enjoyed at least part of his new toy!

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  1. Can\’t wait to hear how the turkey turned out.  Yup, your goober kitty looks just like my 3 goober kitties when they get the catnip.  And that has happened to me too…one of them finding the bag and slinging it so they could all have a party…and that was when we had 5.  Loved the pictures…lol.  =D

  2. I\’ve cooked a few, and I just hucked those ones in the oven too.  They still taste good to me.  I hate cleaning them too, nasty.

  3. LOL – we have a catnip crazy kitty too.
    Enjoy your turkey!  You can use the leftovers to make a soup, or chili, or a stew, and sandwiches!!

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