Our Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day started out just hanging around the house a bit… then the work began!  Alan was on tap to make mashed potatoes (they gave us an easy job; you can see how they rate my cooking ability!) and I decided I’d make a pumpkin pie.  Yep.  A pie.  Now, I bake a lot, but for whatever reason, the things I bake are never pies.  I’ve probably made about, oh, two or three pies in my whole life!  But, my mom was bringing a pumpkin-pecan cheesecake, and no one else was bringing a dessert of any kind, and we were having at least 15 people there – so we needed pie.  Besides, pumpkin pie is one of those ‘traditional’ things you really need to have on Thanksgiving!  If I do say so myself – and who else is here to do it?? – my pie was awesome.  It tasted great, especially the crust I’d made – flakey and buttery – and I’d made some leaves out of the crust dough to decorate the pie, so it was pretty to look at as well.  We ended up with 17 for dinner; I told you we’d have a few strays come along, lol!  (This year it was girlfriends of the ‘big boy’ cousins)  We had an amazing meal (my sister’s kitchen was done except for the garbage disposal, and she’s a good cook!) good conversation, and I worked on Kiki’s dress after dinner while we chatted.  All in all, good time spent with family and friends, and that’s what a good Thanksgiving should be, if you can…..
I ended up staying up ’til nearly 3am finishing the dress.  Yeah, sometimes I wonder about myself.  But Kiki had been so excited about having a Christmasy outfit to wear to the tree festival and Santa breakfast that I couldn’t let her down at the last hour, now could I?  As promised, I have some pictures!  I started out with a plain jean jumper, and made iron-ons from penguin fabric, then stitched them down with white thread.  I started with the bigger penguins and the stitches were all in a snowflake pattern;  when I started on the smaller fabric pieces, I decided that would be overwhelming (for the appliques or for myself, I’m not sure which!!) so I just did ‘x’s and a few snowflakes as accents.  If you look closely you can probably see the order I sewed them on, because my stitches start to get sloppy – hey, it was the middle of the night, give me a break!!   Then I put some buttons on that she’d picked out (Check out the cool huge one at the top!  It matches the fabric!  And in ‘real’ life, the thread doesn’t show up like in the picture.)  
Speaking of being silly and staying up all night!  I have coffeebar in the morning, so I best sign off for now!

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  1. Well, bless your heart!  Wonderful job, A!  Instead of using the easy stuff (iron on stuff and puffy fabric paint) you made something that can be handed down.  I\’m impressed.
    I had no doubt that your pie would turn out well.  bless you, g

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