Thanksgiving Week – Tuesday

We’re still having fun!  Kiki had her little party at school; I had lunch duty… lol.  I booked us tickets for the "Breakfast with Santa" at our local, annual Christmas Tree Festival.  Yeah, Kiki still believes in Santa.  At 11.  That’s a post for another day!!  I didn’t do it, I swear!  This evening we went out to a  new ‘soup and salad’ restaurant – fresh, healthy, and pretty inexpensive.  We had so much fun!  We are just weird, and all have the same twisted humor.  There were all these oversized, plastic veggies on display up above the salad bar…. Kiki thought they were pretty cool…. then Alan had to observe one – the cabbage – a little too closely.   It looked strangely like a, well, uhm, a booty, sans undies.  You’d have had to see it, but trust me… it got good mileage out of us!  The poor fake cabbage was the "butt" of many jokes!  You know, a "you had to be there" sort of deal, but oh my gosh we were having fun!  We ran across the parking lot afterwards to a new department store, and wonder of wonders, Kiki found the Christmas dress she wanted!  Well, almost.  She tried it on and it fitjust – but she really needed a size up.  So I went to customer service, and they actually found one at their other store a town over – so I’ll go there tomorrow to pick it up.  She had been all miffed because she saw this silver dress she wanted in a catalog, but she’s supposed to wear a dark skirt and light top for the Christmas choir at church, so she was moping.  (Not to mention I wasn’t about to pay $70.00 for a fancy dress that would then need dry cleaning, but that was beside the point as far as she was concerned!)  The dress we found is black on the bottom with a silver top.  They had better have it when I get there tomorrow!  The ‘not fun’ part of the day was her trying on shoes.  Now, we were just at home – I’d ordered 2 pairs from Zappos (I love that place) and they came today, but of course she didn’t like either pair.  She decides before she even has a shoe all the way on if it’s uncomfortable, and there’s no going back after that.  She is so freakin’ picky about shoes that I have come to despise trying to find any for her.   She’s also lazy, so she never wants to try any on at the store because, heaven forbid, she’d have to untie and re-tie her shoes!  Geeeeez!!  So, I’ll return the ones to Zappos, and I ordered some from LLBean, so we’ll see how they might work out.  sigh  I have to admit, she has ‘problem feet’.  (They are like her dad’s, poor thing.)  She really needs a high quality shoe, and those are hard to find around here.  Hence all the mail-order. 
My sister asked me today "What do you want to bring Thursday?"  (Thanksgiving, you know…)  I said "Uh, myself?"  She was like "Try again!"  So I said "Myself, Alan and Kiki, then."  She says "Hah!  You’ll do more than that if you want to eat!"  Demanding little twit!  Really!  Huh!

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  1. my 11 yr old still believes in Santa too, but I have a feeling that it\’s not going to last much longer… I was in 5th grade when I found out too…  So this could be our last year.

  2. I just know you were planning on bringing something for Thanksgiving dinner!
    Virginia sounds good – and closer to me!  One never knows when one might take a road trip – you north or me south…
    The Shack is an amazing book.  I highly recommend it.  You next!  Enjoy, g

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