Yes, we ARE having fun yet!

It all started Thursday night… the homeschool Co-op had "Spirit Day", and the student council had planned a family movie night.  I was surprised that Alan wanted to go, but happily so.  We all set up in the gym and watched ‘Kung Fu Panda’ (which I love!) and had popcorn and such.  Then Friday, we did a little bit of schoolwork (Friday’s we usually give a big sigh of relief that the week is over, and don’t do much at all worthwhile!) but since Alan is home now, that may change….lol…slavedriver….  after we did what school we did, we dinked around, then in the evening we went shopping at the dollar store to fill a shoebox for Samaritan’s Purse.  We love doing that!  They even sell ‘brand name’ toothpaste and toothbrushes at the dollar store now, so you feel alright about sending the stuff.  We did go to Targ*t for a nicer-made stuffed animal to send.  Nicer-made – that’s some good grammar, eh?  Aren’t you feeling pretty good about me homeschooling?!!   Then we went to the fabric store to buy some tulle and ribbon so I could ’embellish’ Kiki’s Easter dress to be a Christmas dress…. of course, I can only do what I can do by hand, since my sewing machine has been ‘out of order’ for, well, years…. maybe that’s what I should ask for as a Christmas gift?  I did it up really simple, because we still have to buy a different outfit for her Christmas Eve Choir outfit for church (it has to be dark, and this dress is light green – do you  remember, my mom sewed it out of my old drapes last Easter?)  Well, Kiki felt absolutely beautiful, and that’s what counts!  The reason I needed to get it done was because this morning Kiki and I were going to an "Advent by Candlelight" breakfast at my mom’s church.  It’s an annual ladies event they do, and the whole place is decorated beautifully, and they have a nice program, and a silent auction (that of course both Kiki and her cousin N. talked Nana into getting them a stuffed animal!)  and we got some nice little gifts/favors at our table…. they are cool pressed tin cone-shaped ornament/decoration dealies filled with chocolate, and a little bell that matches it.  Each table had something different…. of course, Kiki walked around looking cute after, and got several items from other table’s hostesses, lol.    It’s good to be a kid! 
Here is her dress…. I added the tulle and some shiny ribbon.  You can’t really see the ribbon, it has bows where I attached the tulle to the dress (to make it ‘fancy’ as well as cover a yellow-y stain on front) but she’s holding the bear so you can’t really see it)  She also got some
fancy sparkly tights.

Then, just to make you smile ~

Our cat LOVES boxes of any sort.  You set one down, he gets in.  I put a plastic bin on the piano bench for Kiki to put her socks in, "Bang" he was in it.  In fact, he loves it so much, I feel kinda bad about moving it.  But it doesn’t really add to the room decor : )  She put the shoebox on the floor to fill, he was in it…. he’s just nuts that way.  The other thing is, the piano is his "base"…. his safe spot.  If he’s up there, don’t you dare try to touch him – he will bite you.  (not hard, just that ‘leave me alone’ hint!) then he’ll lick himself like crazy because you’ve contaminated him….  he is endlessly entertaining.



Or in the toy box she brought down….


  The End!


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  1. You are very talented – and patient to have done all that hand sewing.  Your little girl is so blessed.
    About the hand gun entry – I\’ll bet there were church members in Colorado who wished someone was packing when that shootist came in last year.  I don\’t know why your man feels the need to pack.  Does he have a law enforcement background or military?  Was he or someone he cares about affected by a violent crime?  As long as it is locked up, well, he\’s the man of the house, right?  That\’s a rough one.
    What\’s up with Virginia?  Saying a prayer as I type……g

  2. I was glad I stopped to read this morning.  Been so busy I\’m lucky if I get to my mail box it seems.  THis was great though.  You have really come a long way with the flow of your little blogs.  That said, being creative is a reward unto it\’self in many ways.  To which I say, I do my best work hand made because I\’ve yet to meet a home sewing machine that liked me.  Now put me on my big old commecial machine for sewing leather (which is much more forgiving) I\’m fine, yet those home real home ones either I can\’t get the tension right, or I break needles.  So I\’ve really done hand made for so much. 
    I remember back in 1972 I sewed completely by hand a summer dress.  Simple one, yet besides the point.  Back then I did it because I didn\’t have a sewing machine.  Then when my mother gave me one of her old ones that had that lever you hit with you knee to make it go…I loved that and did well right up until I leaned over to pick something up and put the damn needle through my thumb…
    Since then I really do all my sewing for the most part…by hand.   Safer to….THanks for the pictures and smiles today.  lj

  3. As I have so often said…I think you are quite gifted with your creativity and sewing…and I am so bad at sewing I especially appreciate your skill.  Oh!  The pictures are great…all of them.  When cats lick themselves in front of people it shows their absolute trust.  I feel so blessed when my kitties sit next to me…or on me…and clean themselves.

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