Why are men beyond understanding??

For the most part, my husband is a pretty reasonable and normal guy.  I think I "get" him, for the most part.  But sometimes, I gotta just shake my head and wonder…. and realize I may never understand his real reason for some of the things he does.  Because maybe he doesn’t even know the real reason he does some stuff.  Tonight as we drove home from church (coffee bar again) he goes "Oh… I better take care of this." and pulls his handgun out of the center console of my car.  What the????!!!…  I said….  and he goes "oh, well, I was carrying tonight, but I never pack in church."  Is that one of the wierdest things a guy can say?  Honestly?!  See, he has a ‘concealed weapons permit’ so it’s totally legal for him to carry a gun.  He took a class and all.  He’s very safety conscious.  And certainly, I’m glad he’s not "packing" in church, lol!  But why??  WHY??  Sure, he likes guns, likes shooting (targets only, he doesn’t hunt) but I find it completely dumb, to be honest.  He says it’s because there are wierdos in the world, and he wants to be able to protect his family if he needs to.  Him carrying around a gun does not comfort me in the least, really.    He thinks it should, but no, not so much.  And I wonder – does it make him feel tough, or what?  Like a ‘real man’?  Or, does he really feel it’s in his family’s best interest?  I mean, honestly, I can’t see him shooting some guy, even if he needed to – but, then, what do I know?  It’s just weird stuff, as far as I can see.  Weird, macho guy stuff that I will never understand.  Maybe, because I know myself so well!  He used to want me to put a loaded gun under the mattress when he was out of town, but I knew if someone broke in, I’d be so freaked out that by the time I thought about the gun, the bad guy would’ve found it and used it himself…. I feel safer with a baseball bat, myself.   Anyone have any clues??

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  1. My husband likes guns (we have 4), and I think part of it is just that they find guns interesting, much like they\’re interested in cars or tools or whatever. Hubby finds weapons to be interesting, not in a morbid way, but he likes learning about all the different types and what they do. I personally don\’t have a problem with it. I\’m not squeamish about guns. In fact, I want to learn to shoot myself. Hubby grew up in a gun culture where they were absolutely necessary for self-defense, but now it is more of a hobby. Our guns are always kept locked in a cabinet, so they\’re not exactly accessible for self-defense. I don\’t think there\’s anything to "get" other than your husband probably just likes guns. And, undoubtedly, he\’s passionate about exercising his 2nd amendments rights while we still have them.

  2. Don\’t get me wrong – I\’m not against guns.  I grew up around them; my dad used to take us target shooting, probably when I was about Kiki\’s age.  My dad has new guns, antique black-powder guns, the works, all in a safe.  Ours at home are locked up; we\’ve already taught Kiki about gun safety and all.  It\’s just the "walking around town with one under my shirt" part that I find…uhm…. hard to understand.

  3. I was surprise to hear that your country people still can used the gun? In here Autralia about ten years BAN in here.
    Why your hubby wanted keeps the gun in the cars? He might have uncertain himself?
    I don\’t understand as same as you why he behaved the way?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgivings day,

  4. lots and lots within and around men, which we women could really never get to understand,…very dismal of course…..yet looking at the coin\’s other side, it seems we also got lots of perplexing \’weird traits and habits\’ which men seem never to understand…….[not to their dismay i guess because it seem not to matter to them,…still to our dismay…LOL!
    just making you laugh away the \’dust of marriage\’, Ann!

  5. I am the person that wishes she could meet Annie Oakley and thinks your American \’Second Amendment\’ is brilliant.  =D  To me… it is good sense…not a macho attitude at all.   

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