Things That are Gross

I saw a dead horse today.  I mean, it wasn’t just laying in the field as if it was sleeping…no, it was waaaaay dead looking.  Laying on a slope, legs on the uphill side, sticking out stiff and straight.  Gross.
Kiki has a blazing ear infection, and I finally had to take her to the doctor, because my homeopathic remedies weren’t working.  It cost me $80.00 for the office call, and $30-something for the medication.  Although, if we’d paid to be on Alan’s insurance, it would be nearly $500.00 per month…. either way, it’s Gross.
Because Kiki is sick, I cleaned the cat box today.  Her cat, her job, but I’m cutting her some slack.  Yeah, that’s gross enough, but what I’m thinking about goes back to when we first got the cat.  I would help her clean the box to teach her the right way to do it, and I thought "This cat hardly ever poops!"  Then, we put up a baby gate because the dog was eating so much cat food… and guess what?  There was lots more poo after that.  I don’t mean because the cat was getting more food to eat.  Think about it… that is really Gross.

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  1. As a child growing up on the farm, I remember when the cattle pooped there were pieces of undigested corn in it.  The pigs thought they were getting a special treat!  I can still see them snuffling around in it with their little snouts.    Ewww  now that was gross!
    Ahhh life on the farm.   I do remember that "horse apples" had a good smell.  I don\’t mind the smell of cattle scat. but hog manure is the worst!!!
    Probably more information than you even wanted.   hahahahahahaha

  2. Hey, Jacque – I agree with you wholeheartedly!  I don\’t mind the smell of horse manure in the least, which is good because I have shoveled my fair share of it!  Also, my family all laughs at me, but when we drive past the dairies, I\’m like "ooooh, happy smell" (lol!) because not only do I not mind the smell of cow manure, but it reminds me of my college days when I was majoring in Animal Science, and I really enjoyed working with the cows.  Pigs though, ICK!  I swear it is waaaay to close to human – totally gross!

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