Short and Sweet….

…just like me.  Hahaha!  Yeah. So.  I just wanted to pop in and say hey, but I really need to pop a couple sleeping pills and take another shot at a night’s sleep…. I’ve gotten about 6 hours total in the last 2 nights combined.  Uhg.  Last night, poor Kiki was up most of the night with an earache… and I was having a "bad mom" moment, because I still don’t feel too good and I’m exhausted, and she was cranky from the pain and I basically yelled at her.  When she was so sick.  Geez.  Alan is sick too… yeah, it’s lovely at my house this weekend!  I was the only one who went to church, and the message was awesome, so I was glad that I was forced into going (when I’d rather have stayed in bed) because I had to work coffeebar.  But now, Kiki is sound asleep in my bed (she usually sleeps with me when she’s sick, for some reason) so it’s probably a good time for me to try to get some sleep.  But you know, when you’re having insomnia issues, somehow you kind of freak out about going to bed because you worry you won’t be able to fall asleep – and I suppose that anxiety makes it harder to fall alseep…. yi yi yi. 
I’m sure I had something really interesting to say, but it’s stuck somewhere in the very tired part of my brain tonight.

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  1. I could have written so much of this entry at one time, Ann.  Don\’t be so hard on yourself.  Kiki loves you just as you are.  hugs, g

  2. Hope everyone will be healthy soon!  Thanks for stopping by.  You made smile with the car story.  Isn\’t that just the way it goes.  hahahaha
    Hugs and praying God sends that postcard.

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