Insomnia stinks…..

…because really, I’m tired and just want to sleep!!  But laying there getting annoyed at the sleeplessness was getting silly, so I’m hoping to tire myself out a bit here.  So, it’s 4am…. I am starting to get over the cold, (and thank the Lord it does seem to be just a cold, and not going into my chest!) which is another reason I’m so miffed that I can’t fall asleep!  I mean, a good night’s sleep would do me a world of good.  Of course I am out of Exc*drin PM, dang it.   Oh, well…. I don’t have to get up in the morning, so maybe I will just sleep some ‘adjusted’ hours. 
Alan did get laid off.  Honestly… I think it’s a good thing.  He’ll get unemployment, which will be more than he was making, plus, he has to go to work 2 days/week for 3 hours for "RV training" so that the company will still provide his health benfits (Kiki and I don’t have any, another reason to be thankful I’m feeling better!) and the other days he’ll just get to ‘hang’ with us.  He’ll also then get that December bonus, which will pay that month’s mortgage… so, I don’t really see the downside!  Except that Alan is feeling down about it, so of course that’s not good.  Kiki is really excited about him being home.  And!!  Today he cleaned the livingroom!  It looks wonderful, not to mention A) he only piled up my junk for me to go thru instead of throwing it away and B) he didn’t even yell about anything.  So it was a good day.
Kiki and I got to go to the University downtown and see the Chinese Acrobats perform this morning.  It was beautiful and absolutely amazing!  Here was a theatre stuffed to the gills with hundreds of elementary school children, who before the perfomance were giving me a headache with their noisyness,  but throughout the performance they were as still and quiet as little statues… it was just that awesome.  The mom sitting next to me and I agreed that some of these women must not actually have bones in their bodies, or it would be impossible to bend the way they do!
Tonight we had dinner with my parents, mostly because we wanted to get their advice on our situation.  I mean, of course they know what’s going on, and we gave them the latest info on the Virginia job…. because we respect their wisdom and judgement.   We so want to do the right thing… to follow God’s will for our lives, even if we don’t quite understand.  I guess, we just want to be sure.  To not choose poorly.   It’s really looking like we may take the job, but I guess I’m wishing the Lord would send me a postcard that said "Hey!  Move to Virginia, already!  It’s what I want."  That would be helpful.  We’ve made bad/dumb choices before, and we just want God’s will because that always works out best.   If you don’t know that – well, trust me on this! 
Kiki got her report card – straight A’s, again.  She rocks!  Or, maybe her teacher rocks??  (lol, you know, that’s me!!  hehehe)
Well, I am going to have another go at the sleeping bit…..

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