Back to life

Alright, enough political brou-ha-ha.…. life still goes on.
Kiki and I had a good day today – in the morning we read, played, whatever…. then, we went to the mall.  This is not my fave outing, really.  It’s funny how I really enjoy window shopping when I have money, like it doesn’t bother me not to spend it if I at least have the luxury of knowing I could spend if I wanted to…..  but to know that it’s completely out of the question to buy anything takes a bit of the fun away, in my opinion.   Not to mention I hate looking at all the adorable clothes that would not be adorable on me.  And all the shoes!  I adore shoes!  But,  I’m actually fat enough that even shoes don’t really fit anymore…sigh.  Besides, I prefer to shop at little, locally owned, cool and funky places as opposed to the nation-wide retailers at the mall.  But, Kiki had $10.00 and of course it was burning a hole in her pocket!  To be honest, it’s amazing she was actually able to save up the $10.00 – her money usually gets spent the moment she has two coins to rub together.   Plus, I think she’d go to the mall every other day if she had the chance, so I decided to do it ‘for her’.  I let her know that, too, lol!! It was way more crowded than I’d expected for a weekday (that’s usually one of the benefits of homeschooling – shopping when others are in school) but it turns out the public schools were out for teacher conferences today.  Figures.  It was okay tho.  We looked all over, found the stuff she wanted to buy, spent time in Hallmark and Williams-Sonoma looking at Christmas stuff, then finished off the evening at Borders Books (where I got a mocha, my big splurge!)  I could spend an entire day in a bookstore!  So it was alright, really.
Tomorrow I am supposed to clean house.  Like, seriously clean house.  Urgh.  Don’t wanna.  I am living in denial that we are on the verge of losing our home, of moving away, of it all falling apart.   It’s too painful to think about, so I choose not to!  It’s been working okay for me so far, lol. 
Alan wants to do the "lemonade diet" deal again.  That’s alright, I guess.  I’ll do it if he wants to.  We are both in this slog of depression and eating is our "happy place"…. but it only makes it so much worse on the other end, we know.   Kiki likes to do school on the floor, and when it’s a struggle to get up off there, I know it’s a big issue.  It’s so hard, though.  Serious emotional issues tied up in it, you know?
This summer, there was an alligator in my yard ~
The cat was a little concerned about it ~

Merry just thought the cat was odd, as usual ~


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  1. Wow!  Did you call the Animal Control?  You  know I love lizards but have a great deal of respect for the big guys and it should have a nice home in a zoo instead of roaming around.
    I was bored and looking at quizzes the other day and liked those two.  They were pretty accurate too…instead of contradictory like so many are.  I don\’t mind these so much because they use statistics and observation to come to conclusions instead of pretending to be mystical.  I found a few other nice quizzes I will add soon.
    Keep that good sense of humor you have and it will help while you are waiting on the Lord…the hardest part…in my opinion…but don\’t forget His timing is perfect.  HUGS!

  2. Very cute pictures!
    Mariah is the very same way about money!  hahaha
    I love the Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  I imagine it\’s similar.
    Mariah\’s choir will be performing soon.  I volunteered to be the parent coordinator for the fundraiser held in connection with it…  🙂
    Thinking about you and sending hugs

  3. I am the same WAY!  When I have money I am such a tight wad and won\’t spend a dime, when I\’m broke I want everything I see.  I walk through any store and I stare longingly at silly things, like this white vest at walmart for 12 dollars, Even though 12 dollars isn\’t much, I don\’t need it.

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