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  1. My husband and I are hoping this election will cause ethical minded thinkers to take seriously going for a third party candidate that would be viable to bring about real change in government.  If enough people didn\’t fall into categories like:
    winking at their elected leaders,
    have fear lead them to vote a party line,
    or do so because they just always belonged to a party,
    or to have their votes bought, so government will "take care of" them, and would realize that socialism is not a good thing for individual freedoms, then the "people" might really be able to change things. 
    The other kind of thinking rules in schools, universities, and media to the point where the frog is in the kettle being euthanized and many parents aren\’t paying attention.
    Please don\’t forget that you trying to raise your daughter to be a critical thinker that loves the Lord does have merit and your sacrifices will be blessed in the end.

  2. Thank you, Beth, for what you have written.  It is right on the money.
    And Ann, keep repeating, God has a plan…   🙂   That is the only thing that keeps me on track through all of this.

  3. Hi Ann – I\’m thinking, too, that it may happen that you end up in Virginia!! Things seem to be pointing in that direction. If it happens that way, could you rent your house out instead of selling it, just in case??? Hang on to real estate – never sell! Anyway, keep us posted. When will Alan find out??? I will email you my new email address. Take care, Cathy

  4. I know I don\’t get here much yet I\’m glad I picked this out to comment on.  I to believe God has a plan.  Somehow things work when we let go and let him.  LJ

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