Eeeeee!!! lection day

 As my friend Lizzie-beth reminded me (her blog is:  (because somehow I don’t understand how to just put her name in here and have that take you to her blog)
(KJV)  John 16:33  "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." 
Thank you for reminding me!!
So, regardless of the outcome of today’s election (and, here it is – I voted for McCain, but I think Obama is going to win) God is still in control.  He is in charge of my life.  Even if Obama wants to "redistribute the wealth" and the democrats think they should be in charge of my life… and my money…. and my child’s education…. and on and on…. but no!  The Lord is still on His throne!  Even when there are ridiculously ignorant people in our country like the woman they interviewed after she voted – for Obama – today who said "I never thought I’d see this day!  I’m never gonna have to work at putting gas in my car, or making my house payment….I help them out and they’ll help me out."  Seriously???!!!  Strange, I thought it was my job to work to have those things!  Guess the amazing socialist(Marxist?) government will now pay all my bills??  Dude, guess I’ve been playing for the wrong side?  Lol.  I don’t get some – a lot of – people.
In Other News:
It’s quite cold here today.  We’ve got snow in the foothills! 
Work is fun, but too slow.  Some weeks I’m bringing in less than I’m getting paid.  I don’t suppose they’ll keep me around too long if that keeps up!  I am now able to make the per-fect froth! It is seriously like whipped cream!  Yeah, I rock! 
Yesterday we gave Merry a bath because she rolled in something stank-eee.  We went to one of those "do it yourself" dog washes.  She was scared to death of going up the ramp to the washtub – I had to make Kiki go up into the tub before Merry would finally go on in!  Crazy dog.  She stood perfectly still as we bathed her, though.  Uhm, I think her fur is a couple shades lighter now – guess she really needed a bath, even without the stench!  
On The Job Front:
Alan has been turned down for yet another job.  Dang it.  This would be, uhm, I think job #2 from my last job-related post.  The "West Coast" job.  The only thing currently in the works is the Virginia job.  I am beginning to think that God wants us in Virginia!  I know Alan is feeling deflated, but I reminded him that our prayers have been for the Lord to only open one door.  To make our choice very clear to us.  "NO" is a pretty definate answer to that!  I just have to keep praying that soon there will be a "YES". 
Goober-Grape the cat ~
The cool decal on the back of my car ~

I agree ~

Goober cat just loves being in boxes!

Or bags…..

Weird stuff I do ~  I love to ‘recycle’ old bottles.  This makes Alan crazy.  Which is half the fun.

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  1. That was sweet of you to include a link to my site.  Your pictures are just great.  I love your cat and her cattitude.  You bottles look cool with the decals and flowers in them.  The horse image is really nice too.  OK…you get the idea…I like your pictures.  =D
    How to put the link so you click on the word instead of having the link showing:
    Write the word you want the link to be accessed through…
    Highlight it…
    Click on the picture of the ball and chain…
    You will see the word you highlighted on one line and an http to add the link to.  Be sure you delete the http that is there and place the entire link in…or don\’t include the http when you get the link to put in that box…so you don\’t accidentally have the http twice.
    Click on Insert … the box will close and the word will be highlighted.
    Praying much for your situation, Ann.  Don\’t forget that a president has 4 years and people being taxed to death may get a clue by the time the 4 years are over if it goes that way.  HUGS!

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