Fabulous Friday

Friday is the day that Kiki and I sleep in, lounge around, and do next to nothing.  This morning we made a "donut and latte run"….well, okay, it was actually a drive… be healthier if it had been a run, but we know that isn’t gonna happen!  The local drive-thru stand now has eggnog (I am drooling a bit right now) and this caramel apple steamer that Kiki has become crazy over. 
Then we’ve been playing on the computers in between dog-poop-scooping and me painting.  (we do occasionally do a little something worthwhile!)  Kiki’s been playing on the Build-A-Bear site.  I am painting a picture on an old windowframe.  So far I like how it’s coming out.  I’ll post a couple pics when I’m done. 
Now, however, we probably need to get going on a little schoolwork, and I promised Alan I’d bake cookies today.  Tonight we’re going to my parent’s house to hang out and play games (we don’t "do" halloween) but I did manage to buy a bag of chocolates –  because that’s the one part of this day I am into!!

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