Life would be so much easier if I wasn’t a doofus

The first thing I did today was hit ‘snooze’ about 6 times, so of course I was late to work.  Also, my "short cut" is no longer…. suddenly all the traffic is there.  Which totally stinks.  I did not invite them!  Then I blew up a pitcher of soy milk.  I do not care for soy milk.  It smells bad, and it heats wierd.  It wasn’t nearly up to temperature, then all of a suddenly it’s foaming out the top of the pitcher like a volcano, so hot I now have a blister on one finger.  Rrrrggh. 
Then I had to do the milk shopping.  I forgot that I needed Kiki’s help because I need two shopping carts full.  Also, the market has been remodeling (for-stinking-ever) and guess what part was ripped up today?  The milk coolers, of course!  There were metal frames and glass doors and tools and equipment everywhere, and all the milk was basically inaccessable.  So, one worker sees me standing there, and asks "Can I get you some milk?" and I’m like, "Well, yes please.  I need 24 gallons of whole milk."  And he goes "Huh??" ~~  "Yeah, I really do."  So, he gets me my 24 gallons of whole, 5 gallons of nonfat, and 9 quarts of half&half.  They are all getting a kick out of it, any rate.  They guessed right off that I must have an espresso bar!  After I’m loaded up I  push one cart and pull the other up to checkout.  I had gotten the ‘cheap’ milk, but wouldn’t you know it, he accidentally gave me one gallon of the pricier stuff, and of course it was that gallon I pulled out (totally random) to hand to the checker to ring up.  At the time I do remember thinking it seemed like a higher bill than I’d expected, but of course the thought only  flitted through my brain and didn’t stay long enough for me to do anything with.  Not until I went back to church, unloaded all the milk, and got back into my car did I look at the receipt and go…."hmmmmm…"  I thought "Oh crap, I bought all the wrong brand!" but then I went back inside and realized my good luck (mostly all the right brand) and my bad luck (how in the world had I picked the ONE gallon that was the wrong brand to have the checker ring up 24 times??!)  Duh-huh.  So I had to go back to the store, to the customer service, explain what I’d done, and she refunded it… to the tune of nearly $18.00, so totally worth going back!  Of course, I had to grab her a gallon of the cheaper kind so she could ring it up, and when I went back to the milk cooler (it had been about an hour) the guys were all still there, and the one said – jokingly – "Oh no, you don’t need more milk, do you?" 
Why don’t I ever listen to that little voice in my head when it first whispers to me?  I mean, when it’s saying something reasonable….!   I always listen when it says "some ice cream sure would be nice right now…."

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  1. $18.00 difference?  Yeah, worth going back for!!
    I think I have only pressed the snooze button 5 times, so you beat me on that one.
    I usually to the ice cream voice too!!

  2. Please don\’t call yourself names!  You have so much on your mind right now that that was not a big deal!  Besides, God thinks you are great – I think you are pretty cool, too!
    The back is much better, thank you.  Hopefully, by the weekend….we will see.  hugs, g

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