just rambling…..

I haven’t got a thing of importance to say, I just thought I ought to let everyone know I’m doing alright….. life just goes along, even if you wish it’d stop long enough for you to catch up.  I’m bored right now, as my family ditched me to go on a "Daddy~Daughter night".  I love that they do this, but it was nicer for me when they went on my monthly Bunco night, because then I had something interesting to do myself…. but Bunco has been disbanded (which is poopie) and so here I sit.  (I can’t go anywhere myself because they took the only car!)  I’d love to be reading, but I haven’t gotten any interesting books lately.  I’ve been reading some ‘juvenile fiction’ because I want to know what Kiki is reading…. and actually, I kind of enjoy them…. a quick read, you know?  Also, we’ve been checking out books on CD at the library and listening to them anytime we’re in the car – right now we’er listening to "Dragon Rider".  It’s really good.  Long – it’s 10 discs!  I’ve already read the book, because I want to know the content before it gets put into Kiki’s head (you know the song  – "Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear"! )  We’ve already done "Because of Winn-Dixie", "The Tale of Despereaux" and "The Marvelous Tale of Edward Tulane"…. maybe that’s the "Wonderful Journey of…."??   I can’t remember….. those last books are all from the same author, so yesterday I checked out a book by her titled "The Tiger Rising" because it is also on CD, so I thought maybe for next time… well, forget it!  It’s a sad and sort of depressing book.  I mean, it ends ok, and it has a decent lesson in it – but Kiki would absolutely hate it.  This is why I read them ahead of time! 
Alan has another job interview tomorrow.  He had to go buy a suit coat and new shirt for it.  I’m gonna be pretty miffed if nothing comes of it, since that outfit cost us our grocery money!  Ah, well….if we’d been buying better groceries, he wouldn’t have had to buy a new suit – his old ones would still be fitting him! 
My job at the church espresso bar is going alright.  It’s getting busier, which is good.  I’ve even been getting a few people in who aren’t at church for any particular reason, just happened to be nearby and remembered we’re open on weekday mornings now, so they came in to get a latte instead of going to Starb*cks or someplace.  So, that’s cool.  Puts the pressure on me to "get it right", though! 
Well, I think I’ll go pat my dog for awhile.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed some "you" time!  I too read what my kids are reading.  I loved Dragon Rider 🙂  Have you read Inkspell yet? I can\’t remember if that\’s the first one or if it\’s Inkheart.  I\’m reading the Twilight series right now, absolutely love them.  I know my son will never read it, it\’s too girly for him, but eventually I think my daughter will.  Good luck to your hubby at the interview! 

  2. oh, ann, I\’m rooting for Alan with his job interview…let\’s hope something positive comes of it! 😀 My son is trying so hard to get into the State – he\’s worked Temp for them for four years but getting in permanent is another story – especially with the california budget the economy the way it is – so he continues to drive all over CA on interviews….so hard! But let\’s hope Alan and my son have a job by the end of the year!! I hope 2009 is a better year for all….Caty

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