Today I will write about something different besides job woes

Uhmmm….well….. nope.  I got nothin’.

Just kidding!!  Sure, even though some stuff in my life seems disastrous, there are also interesting and even fun things happening as well!  I mean, really, you have to admit that Kiki’s wardrobe choices are nothing if not interesting!! LOL!!  Just look at that muffin hat, will you?  Honestly, it was adorable when she was 4….. but she still loves it.  And the rose-colored socks?  That match … nothing??  She is the bright spot in my day, that’s for sure.   And nothing is quite as fun as the dog getting a new ‘do~

And Kiki and I share the coolest helmet on the planet~

And of course, there are still plenty of pretty places around to take walks and take pictures ~  This is the section of river that runs through my town~

And this is what bored people in my tiny little town do along the river ~

Yep ~ Life is still good!


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  1. These are great pictures and I like Kiki\’s style…it is called comfortable…and that is my favorite kind.  Good to see you counting your blessings and humor.  You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  Bless you, dear friend.

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