Uhg… more rejection

Poor Alan.  He is getting really, really down.  He got another "rejection" letter; this time regular mail.  This one was from a place he applied because "they’ll hire anyone, and they’re always hiring".  Seriously.  We’ve heard that time and time again about this place, not to mention we know a couple people who work there, and well, no offense but they aren’t like the "wonder employees" or anything!!  So, I said to Alan "you know, we asked God to make it really clear, to only open the right doors, so I guess we shouldn’t be upset, right?" but, he’s not buying it right now.  He just feels like a giant looooo-zer.  I wish I knew how to help him.  I mean, of course I’m stressed out because we are very shortly going to be out of money and credit and anything else…. but, he has that added stress of being the one who is ‘supposed’ to be ‘providing’ and it’s not happening….
In other news ~
Last week, I was sunning in the back yard in my chaise lounge…. today, the chaise was coated in ice, and the hills are covered in snow!  It’s like we went directly from summer into winter…. and I am NOT happy, because fall is my absolute fave time of year!!  Supposedly, next week we’ll get some fall weather… we’d better!  
Tonight, I made dinner.  A real dinner.  Now, for some of you, that might not be a big deal.  For me – HUGE deal!  ‘Cause I really don’t like cooking.  But tonight I decided to do something nice for Alan, so Kiki and I went to the market and got some real groceries, and I made a dinner from scratch…. "Dinner in a Pumpkin" (which I’ve done before, and love, and it’s sooo fun!)  and this time I got three tiny little pumpkins and made individual dinners.   It actually turned out really good, and everyone liked it.  I also got ingredients to make a pumpkin cake, but by the time I was done with dinner I was no longer in the mood, so we were just going to have some of the pumpkin ice cream (yeah, I know – it’s a pumpkin party!) but, Alan made this cocoa-rice crispy topping and Kahlua whip cream, and the flavor combo was amazing!!!  I’ll probably make the cake tomorrow.
I’m making Kiki a (non)halloween costume.  She wants to dress up as a ragdoll this year.  It’s coming out pretty cute.  What’s silly is that we bought the main dress part at the thrift shop, and it’s like this caftan/muumuu thingie, and she adores it…. she’s wearing it out whenever she can… she’s worn it with flip-flops, with leggings (that didn’t at all match) and her tan Keen lace-ups, and today she was wearing it with a long sleeved shirt under it and her tall Ugg boots.   In-ter-est-ing, is all I can say!!  She is her own person!   I really must post pics!  Lol.  We haven’t actually figured out what we are doing, "alternative" halloween wise.  We’ll think of something, I guess.
Well, I’m getting chilly sitting here, so it must be time for me to head to my warm, cozy bed!

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  1. Ann, I am so sorry about this job thing with Alan…bummer. As you said, it just was not the right job at the right time…something else will come up – it HAS to!! Is he sending out resumes all over or just in your vicinity??? Are you willing to move?? The way I got my job was I went to an employment agency as a temp-to-hire and I ended up getting the job permanently after three months – has he thought of doing that? I\’m thinking of him and hope he doesn\’t get too down on himself; it\’s a tough time for everyone with this economic downturn…in fact, you said that company hires anyone, but maybe that was before this economic fiasco…everyone is tightening their belts! Keep us posted…. Your pumpkin dinner sounds so fun, but what was the actual dinner???? Would love to know! Was the dinner in the pumpkins…cute!! Happy Fall, Caty

  2. Anne,
    I can\’t believe you have snow already!!! I\’m so jealous! LOL! You should try the Christmas Ornaments with paperclay. It\’s so much fun to make them, and they make great gifts. They are kid friendly too.  Have a happy fall or I guess winter in your neck of the woods. Take care!

  3. Ice? holy moly…. its TOO SOON for ice on chaise lounges!
    I\’m sorry Alan is not having any luck. Keep the faith… God has a plan for you guys. Just hang in there.

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