Is it really mid-October??!!

Criminitly!!  Where does the time go??  Maybe if I did something worthwhile besides play on the ‘puter, I’d have something to show for the quickly flying hours, at least!  Hmmmm….food for thought…… ooh, speaking of food…. think I’ll go make my  pumpkin cake now!

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  1. Thanksgiving is earlier in Canada because the growing season is shorter, the harvest is earlier.  I guess is does come from the pilgrims coming because it was all \’the new world\’ back then but we don\’t have pictures of pilgrims and indians!  (love the clothes those pilgrims wore!!)
    I cooked today.  I made Cornish Hens, roasted pototoes and carrots.  My sister was going to bring pumpkin pie but she ate 3/4 of it before she came!!
    I know what you mean about October flying by!!!!
    have a good one!!

  2. Yesterday I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Heidi Swapp\’s recipe on her blog – delicious!! 🙂 Love Fall cooking/baking! Enjoy your pumpkin cake! Caty

  3. Thanks for checking in and leaving suggestions.  We did Excellence in Writing last year.  He just shut down half way through the year and stopped writing.  My 12 year old did Excellence in writingi for 2 yers (2 different programs).  She has progressed, but is still a reluctant writer.  I think I am going to try working with the 8 year old with the Writing Strands and get him strated now.
    Peace to you and yours!

  4. Your explanation to your hubby about  God making His way clear was spot on, Sister.  Keep praying for him and God will take care of the rest.  Bless you, g

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