I’m better now!

Well, I am okay today.  I just had to have a little whine at my pity party, but I’m over it.  I do, really really do believe that the Lord is in this!  There is probably a reason that Alan isn’t supposed to have that job.  You know, we’ve been praying that God will open and close doors, to lead us the right way, and then when He closes a door, we throw a fit!  Geez, dumb humans that we are, lol!  We met for (a cheap) lunch today, and had a good talk…. we are just going to keep on trusting and see where God takes us (what else can we do?!).   We are trying to think "outside the box" in looking for jobs, to really explore all our options…. and I guess I am  going  to  have  to  clean  the   stinkin’   house.  I’ve tried to get out of it, I really have…. but I guess there’s no getting around it….pootie-poo. 
Quote for today:    "I prefer Hostess Fruit Pies to Pop Tarts as they don’t require as much cooking".
– Carrie Snow

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  1. I lost my password so haven\’t been able to comment for awhile.  Anyway just wanted to encourage you to trust God because like you say, that is all we can do.  I have been watching your blog (while trying to figure out how to get back on to comment) and hoping things work out work out for your family.

  2. It sounds like you are having a rough time right now.  Maybe the Lord wants you to think about consulting or self-employment.  Since I have no idea what Alan does, I really don\’t know, but pray about that.  God be with you!

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