Swirling, swirling, swirling….

….that’s my life, going down the drain….
Okay, it’s not that bad….or maybe it is…. but the job situation just took a major hit…  I am on the verge of totally freaking out over the whole scenario.  The job for company "T", here in town, the one I figured Alan was a total shoe-in for…. he just got a "rejection email" about.  NOT EVEN AN INTERVIEW?????  It’s beyond my comprehension, seriously!!  I totally, totally thought he’d get the job – or, at least "well, we’re hiring a guy from (Salt Lake and Colorado are options) so we’ll hire you for that one…"   Honestly.  I was feeling pretty good…. yet he doesn’t even get an interview??!!  He even has "friends in high places" in connection with this job…  I mean, I’m reeling, I honestly am.  And poor Alan!  I know he took that "no thank you" letter like a kick in the gut.  We’ve got nothing…. that was like our one big hope.  I’m wondering "Lord, what is UP with this?  Can you please give us a clue as to your plan?!"  I don’t want to think losing everything is a part of it… but that’s where we are heading, and fast.  This job was the one little sparkle in the dark….so now, I just don’t know.  Don’t know what to think.  Don’t know what to suggest for Alan to do next.

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  1. Oh Ann,
          So very sorry to hear about Alan\’s job. Certainly thinking of you all and praying for God\’s will to be revealed SOON! Vonnie

  2. *hugs* Remember everything is part of God\’s plan, and if He brings you to it, He\’ll lead you through it!  I will keep you and hubby in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. they say, behind the clouds is sunshine. maybe the job\’s not really for him….or maybe it was not the right one…..prayers do have answers, good luck!

  4. Life can really suck, Ann! Okay, I didn\’t sugar coat it – that\’s the bottom line. It\’s been such a hard year for my husband and I but finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – at least in the work department. That will happen for Alan, too, but he has to MAKE it happen – has he thought of going to a career counselor to find out where his talents lie? I think you said he\’s been a manager before – how about changing from RVs to another venue? Has he been networking – keeping his contacts alive and well? I know he\’s got talent that he can put to use – I\’m thinking of you and hope that things turn around soon…hang in there! I\’m sorry about that email, but something will happen for Alan if he\’s "proactive". Your friend, Cathy

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