Dude – Where’s My Readers?

Wow – it seems like me slacking off and not blogging every day has made everyone quit coming by!  I’m going to get a complex pretty soon if you all don’t come back and start reading again!  I know my life is terribly dull and  boring, but having people read about it is what makes it more interesting!!  Lol. 
Coooome baaaaack coooome baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!

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  1. For me personally I just haven\’t been able to keep up with everyone and have my own concerns and things to deal with.  My not being around had nothing to do with you, Ann.  Boring doesn\’t sound bad to me when boring leaves out too much drama and trouble.   HAVE A BLESSED AND NOT SO BOTHERED LOVELY AUTUMN WEEKEND! 

  2. I\’m here, Ann! I am always reading your blog, and NO, it\’s NOT boring! Just laziness on my part to sign in and then leave a comment – but just want you to know I am reading, just a bit of laziness on my part! Love hearing about what\’s going on in your life. What\’s happening with Alan and the job situation?? Hope something happens soon. Glad you\’re liking your coffee job in the meantime. 😀 Caty

    Hi  Ann,
    I hope you can save your house and not have the trouble of moving.  I don\’t expect anyone to post every day.  I don\’t.  I think people tend to visit those who visit them.  I do.  I hope your life becomes a bit more dull and boring soon, a good kind of dull and boring – wouldn\’t that be nice?  I hope your day is going well.  I enjoyed the photos.

  4. HI Ann,
    I enjoyed catching up on your blog.  I love coming over here and hearing about your life.  I am praying that things will work out for you soon in the job and house department.

  5. Girl, I can totally relate.  I\’m not being read either!!!  I pour my heart out and nobody reads it but maybe my sister and an old friend from my hometown!!  But hey, it\’s therapy for me so I blog it anyway.  I guess sometimes people are just too busy or distracted. 
    Feeling ignored too!!

  6. You\’re a nut. I\’ve been by and read… just haven\’t felt much like commenting lately. Sorry….
    I\’ll try to do better. Keep your britches on. ;o)

  7. I still read your blog! But I added you as a live feed, so I only check when you\’ve posted a new post. I love reading your blog though!

  8. I have soooo many people I visit that I often resort to checking who has recently blogged.  I only get to do a "walk around the neighborhood" every couple of weeks or so.
    Your life is not boring!  You are delightful!  g

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