The Business Trip

Nothing exciting ( I mean, as far as the family and a new job or something! ) – he went to Seattle for a motorhome training seminar.  Tiffin Motorhomes, I believe it is.  If you remember a while back, he brought home a super-fancy Tiffin that was more expensive than our house…. and he told me last night when he called that one was "nothing" compared to the one they went through yesterday!  Which is like saying "You know that Rolls Royce we drove?  It was so lame."  Some people are starving and some are cruising in luxury.  The world’s a crazy place. 
Oooooh!!  I had my first Eggnog Latte of the season today!  (I had to buy milk for the church coffeebar, so I bought myself some eggnog and made myself one!)  How I love Autumn!!  lol  My sister will be so excited when she helps me open the coffeebar tomorrow morning!
Speaking of my sister – you know I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately?  Seems I’ve got ‘sister issues’.  Huh.  It’s weird, but stuff keeps coming up.  Nothing she’s done, really, just, well, the stuff that happens in life, and the way my brain (or emotions) processed it.   More on that later, I suppose… for now, I better get back to getting Kiki homeschooled for the day! 

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  1. Autumn rocks!
    You know, when it comes to sister issues, and I have had quite a few, I have found it best to leave them in the past and move on….if you can.  Sometimes friends become sisters.
    hugs, g

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