Another week races past…!!

Sorry I’ve become a total slacker!!  My life is crazy-busy … not bad, just wild.  I really have to get into some kind of routine …  between school starting, and my new job, and trying to get the house ready to put on the market, and what-have-you, I’m just spinning around here!  But I will try to get my poop-in-a-group! 
The job is going  fine – more about it later.  School is fine, just not into a routine yet.  But Kiki’s smart, so we’re okay so far!  The house – well, you can imagine.  I never get better at housework!!
The job situation – Alan flew to Virginia to interview this week.  He felt that it went very well.  He will probably hear something next week.  We don’t know how we feel – or what we want to happen.  It’s crazy stuff, that’s all I can say!  Again, more on how I really feel about all this later –  right now I need to finish packing – Kiki and I are heading to the coast with my parents for a few days…. YAY!!  I am so looking forward to the R&R…. even though Kiki and I  have a little bit of school to do while there, it’ll still be awesome.  Unless my father’s driving does us all in.  Well, then I wouldn’t have to worry about moving to Virginia, would I?!  
NOT the Cat in the Hat – but the Cat in the Box!
The cake I made for Kiki’s birthday
"It’s fun to stay at the Y~M~C~A, it’s fun to stay at…." 
And that’s Catertainment!!

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  1. Wow! Sounds as though there may be some changes in store for you – change is good, Ann…new opportunities – how exciting – hope things work out how you want them, though. Having a job (Alan) is all good…..can\’t wait for an update….and you could quit the stressful coffee job!! 🙂 Caty

  2. What a great looking cake!  And cat\’s entertainment is so funny.  I do hope you get recharged with your time away, sweetie.
    If you move to Virginia, there is a much better chance of our meeting!  One never knows……..gail

  3. That is an awesome looking cake and I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures.  You are becoming quite the photographer and have many talents.  I know it must be overwhelming, especially thinking about possibly moving to Virginia.  I loved it there for many, many reasons and am a bit prejudice on that subject.
    Have a great R&R time with you family.  I am so glad that your job is going well too.
    Love and hugs,

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