Insects and other dilemmas

So I’m semi calmed down now…. we made it through the week!  Yay.  The good news is school – at least math –  is all review at this point.  So it’s no big deal that we didn’t get it done.  I will have to come up with a better system, a better plan, to get done what needs to be done, but we will survive.  I think.  Yesterday was awesome – I picked Kiki up from the co-op, came home, layed out on my chaise lounge and read the entire afternoon away …..ohhhh yeaahhh. 
Until the "Insect Incident".  BobCat is supposed to be a housecat only.  Partly because the thought of coming home one day to find him squashed in the street freaks me out; partly because he supposedly has this kittyherpes disease and it’s contagious.  I’m not really sure he has it, but he does get symptoms sometimes…but, anyhow… he’s been going out back with me.  He never leaves the yard – I’m not sure he realizes he could climb the wooden fence and pop over.  He’s content to slink around in the grass, especially on the edges… I did have to move the patio swing so he can’t jump up on the roof again….  anyway, he just likes to hang out there with me and the dog.  He loves catching crane flies, although he looks a bit disgusted as he eats them… yet he eats them just the same.  shudder.  Well, yesterday I’d run in to answer the phone, and suddenly he comes running in through the (self-made) doggy door (actually the screen of the slider, which the dogs ran thru a time or two and now hangs loosely there) with something in his mouth.  The catch of the day.  A grasshopper.   I don’t like grasshoppers.  I hate grasshoppers.  Loathe, despise, detest grasshoppers.  Am scared to death of grasshoppers.  And my stinkin’ cat brings one in my house and sets it free!!   I’m on the phone – with my boss – and I’m trying to yell – quietly (as if that’s possible) "Kiki!  Kiki!  Come squish this grasshopper!!"   But she doesn’t want to….. and the cat’s tossing it….. so I’m yelling to the dog "Get it!!  Get it!!"  (all the while on the phone, of course) and Merry picks it up, carries it in a circle, drops it back down….still in the house….  AAARRRRGGGHHH  Finally
Merry gets the idea, grabs the thing and carries it outside, and I promptly shut the door.  Yuck.  Yuck, yuck, yuck!!  Today Bob brought in a leaf bug.  Those don’t scare me; in fact, it made me sad, so I scooped it up and put it out in the flower bed out front, but I never had the nerve to go see if it survived or not.  I had a little chat with Bob – "if you want to get out in the yard, then no more bringing bugs into the house!  You will soooo lose your outdoors privileges!"  ‘Cause I’m sure he understands.  And would totally obey if he does.  As if.
Tonight my nephew is spending the night, since he got dogged for the all-girls sleepover Kiki had for her birthday.  It’s hard for him, being the only boy cousin in that age group.  But Alan said I have to make a bed for him, Kiki and he are too old now for boy/girl bed sharing…huh.   Hadn’t thought of that. 
Tomorrow I’ll share my latest musings on the job situation; right now I have some bedding to scrounge up!

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