Pulling out my hair….

  Alright.  I am seriously on the edge.  Something is going to have to get into alignment or I will lose it completely, I think!   This new job has really put a kink in my plans.  Well, I can’t blame the job entirely.   But, if the job was gone, the rest would be easier to deal with.  First of all, the job is either feast or famine…. I’ve got a line of customers (and that stresses me out) or absolutely nothing to do.  Or, sure, I clean or whaterver – bo—ring.  Plus, I’m not entirely up to speed on what I need to do there.  Then there is the husband.  He’s been taking Wednesdays off, so last Weds. he helped me out.  So, this Wednesday, I was counting on him – then last night he told me "Oh, I’m not taking this Wednesday off, since Monday was a holiday."  Hey, thanks for the heads up!!  Now what am I supposed to do??  Urgh.  This is all a problem really because what I didn’t know about this job is that I am the one who is supposed to schedule my own help.  I’ve never had a job where I am the "new guy/flunkie" but I’m supposed to make sure there are others working with me….. it’s just weird, and a bit annoying, too.  Because I don’t know anyone to call.  This morning I forgot something rather impotant (to buy milk) and I was trying not to cry (lots of stress going on here, not just the milk!!) and Alan is like  "Geez, what are you tearing up for?!  It’s not that big of a deal, sheesh."  No, it’s not.  But thanks for being there for me, just the same…..jerk.  Then he was at least going to come in and help tonight…. so I told the other person who called "no, thanks, but I’m covered" so he just now calls and says someone is coming in to pick up an RV they bought over the phone, and they made an appt. to come in at 6:30 tonight.  (They close at 6pm.)  He’s all like "but it’s a sale" and I’m thinking "Not enough to pay the house payment, but it will cause me grief tonight, so thanks…." 
I know, I’m whining and my life is not that bad.  But I’m irritated as all heck right now.  School starting this week didn’t help things.  Yesterday was fine ’cause Kiki was in class at the co-op, but today did not  go at all as planned and I’m pretty sure math isn’t going to get done today, at all.  Not gonna happen.  Because we leave to go back to church in, well, 2 minutes.  Guess I’d better get moving…..
Headline :  Woman found sputtering unintelligibly with espresso grounds under her fingernails….. husband can’t speak due to being strangled…..child found hiding under desk attempting to complete math lesson…..

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  1. Oh, Ann, I feel for you! You WILL get into a routine, thou, so just hang in there – when I started my job five months ago (I also had to go back to work due to the economy!) the first three months were absolutely hideous…but I\’ve found my rhythm…and all is good now. One verse that helped me years ago when I was having a tough time at work – "turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones" I have never forgotten that verse and it has helped me through rough times. Cathy

  2. Ann,I understand.  I have my stressful moments, too!  My lil family of three (not including the dog) has been very busy.  The new school year, my hubby\’s job, my chronic pain and other things…UGH!  I hope things will settle down soon for you.  Hugs

  3.    Who ever said a woman can have it all should be pulverized! It\’s hard Ann and your human, take a deep breath say a prayer, and do your best. As it\’s been said you will find a routine and it WILL get better. Chin up and I won\’t pray for strength cuz you may  use it to kill Alan!

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