It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

Alan says I don’t look old for someone three years away from 50.  Thank you????  I try not to make a big deal over my  birthday.  Kiki doesn’t understand this at all.  I mean, her birthday is next week, and she’s been making plans for…. well, as soon as Christmas was over, I think.  Somehow, I always feel like I’m just setting myself up for disappointment, which I think stems from my childhood of never wanting anything but a horse.  Ever.  Every birthday, every Christmas.  Just a horse.  Which never came.  So now I have this "whatever" sort of attitude.  Because I still don’t ever get what I want.  Which is a horse.  Lol. 
Yesterday Kiki and I went to the fair for my birthday (because we are the only ones around here that are into the fair).  We had a great day – 10 hours worth!  Geez.  And an unbelieveable amount of cash – the fair is ridiculously expensive!  We didn’t even ride any rides because 1) I am sure they are unsafe and 2) the Ferris wheel alone would have cost us $10.00 to go on!  I can get nervous and freaked out for free, thanks.  So, that was my "birthday" so today was just another day at the salt mines, but still, it would have been nice if the day hadn’t sucked.  It just did, for lots of little reasons.  It was somewhat salvaged tonight, as Alan took us out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and I still have half a slice of cheesecake in the fridge for tomorrow.  Yeah, there I go, back to soothing my pains with food.  Lol. 
The best thing about today was the weather.  It almost felt like fall!  Which I loved, but made me sad at the same time, because summer is nearly over, and my days of lounging on the back porch with a book are nearly gone.  I am bummed beyond belief that I have to start work next week.  I have a stinkin’ job already (mom, homeschool teacher, etc.) I don’t want another job!!  Crap.  Yeah, yeah, I know – better call the Wahhhmbulance.
Honestly, I’m glad the day is over.  Now I can focus on getting the house clean for Kiki’s birthday party – the birthday that will actually be enjoyed!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!
    I know what you mean about planning Kiki\’s party.  Mariah\’s birthday was last Sunday.  We had a weenie roast and s.mores.  She loved it!

  2. I can relate to the birthday thing.  M and the kids just don\’t "get it".  M tells me he wants to do something nice, but what he does is drag the kids out to get me something and he helps them pick out the weirdest stuff.  One year, A gave me a candle…cool, I love candles…just not flower scented ones…which this one was.  :o(  Another year (the kids were little, so I excuse them on this one…M should\’ve had more sense), they bought me a necklace at the dollar store.  Cute if the kids had picked it out themselves….\’nuf said.  It was hideously ugly and GAWDY.  There was no way I was going to wear it.  What I really want for my birthday is a nice meal out OR for M and the kids to take care of the cooking…and to give me my space and a day of having control of the remote control…is that so hard?  ;o)  Happy Birthday!  (Mine is in 9 days…I\’ll let you know what happens.  lol)

  3. Hello, my dear friend,
    Happy Birthday! I Pray that the Lord keeps us all on the strait and narrow and opens our hearts to the things that are of Him! That He might lead and guide us on the path that He has selected for each and everyone of us, that one day we may all stand in His presence. Can we all take a stand for Jesus? Amen!!!
    Love in: <*Christ Jesus>< Pastor Winston

  4. Happy Birthday… a few days late! The 21st is my oldest daughters\’ birthday also. You\’re in good company! Funny how birthdays just seem like another day the older you get… not nearly as much fun as watching the kids celebrate on their big day! :o)

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