A few pics of the room

Well, her bedroom is finally as done as it’s going to be – for now.  Except I need to vacuum, but that doesn’t count!  Here are a few pictures:
Here is an overview of the room (granted, it would’ve looked better if I’d thought to move the paper towel roll on the table)  It’s a bit of a mish-mosh, but she loves all her stuff so it’s hard to fit it in….
 These are the flowers we painted (yes, she helped!)  We actually only painted the stems and leaves; the flowers and fairies and all are wall stickers.  (which probably should’ve been bigger, but ah well!)
Some close-ups of the fairies and butterflies ~
Hiding the TV set (that was my neighbor’s fault!  A gift to Kiki for helping her with chores – I’d never have given her a TV for her room.)
Kiki decorated her lamp
No pictures, please!!!

 Kiki arranged all her dolls ~
Reading and computer time…..
 Playing a game…  
On her cell phone!
Brushing up on her geography….
 This is the dollhouse I made (for 8" – 12" dolls)
 This wardrobe is actually a Barbie house inside….
She loves decorating with little doo-dads….
And here is a dog that is almost as spoiled as that child of mine….. Merry is happy because the bed is lower (we took it off of the bedframe – it was a lovely antique but just too dang big in there) and so much easier now to get on (oh, she slept there most every night anyway, but her hips weren’t liking the leap – this is way better!)

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  1. The flowers, the decorating, and the room, all look great and ready for a party.  Great job…both of you!  Merry get an honorable mention  for looking cute and relaxed.

  2. Wow, it looks great!!!  And the main thing is that Kiki loves it!!!  Good for you…and her…and Merry!!!  lol  ;o)

    Hi there Ann,
    Wow, your girl sure looks a lot like mine in that last pic. Thanks for your message over at my place and if you didn\’t pick up on it from that post, I\’m not really blogging much these days so if it takes a while to see something new there don\’t lose heart. I\’ll be blogging regularly again this winter and you\’ll be sure to overdose on my mindless dribble!
    Take care,

  4. Great job!  Sometimes I miss having younger girls.  But teenagers are fun, too. 
    I love your doll house and that tree thing? 

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