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Alrighty – here’s what’s up!!  Alan has not heard back from the local company that interviewed him.  They were supposed to call last week.  Sales have been so slow, that we have about 3 months then our (borrowed) money will be depleted, so it looks like we will probably have to try to sell the house and move out, no matter what.  Uhg.  Not to mention that homes here are not selling.  Period.  The company in Charlottesville, Virginia, interviewed him over the phone and is supposed to call him by Wednesday.  I am totally freaked out over that whole scenario.  That is a huge, far move.  I’d hate leaving my parents, and all of Kiki’s cousins…. (I’m sure I’d hate moving away from my sister as well, but right now I am totally irritated at her, so it doesn’t feel bad right now…) 
As for me, I’ve gotten a job.  Part time.  I will be running our church coffee bar on Tues-Weds-Thurs mornings and Weds. nights.  That is when the co-op parents come in, and Bible studies and Awana happens.  What’s funny is, the gal that is in charge of the Coffee Ministry is actually the senior pastor’s assistant, and I will be her assistant, so I will be the "Pastor’s assistant’s assitant".  Which just sounds funny to me.   It’s a paid job, which is the point, really.  The totally cool part, which I had no idea about, is that since I will be a church employee, and church employees get a 50% cut in tuition at the co-op, I only have to pay half price for Kiki’s school – so I haven’t even started my job and I’ve already made money!!  Woo-Hoo!!  I mean, I knew that staff got the discount, but I thought that was just pastors… I never thought it would include my job!  So that was certainly a blessing.  Altho if we move, I don’t know what I’m going to do about school…. cross that bridge when we get to it, I suppose.
My weight has sort of flipped around, and gone back up a bit, and I suppose that is because after the cleanse your insides are totally empty, and once you begin eating again, well, that ‘s not the case, is it?  However, we have been doing well, so I’ve centered out to a loss of 12 lbs.  So, that’s a good beginning, and we’ll keep plugging away.  We moved our treadmill into the den so we can do it and watch TV, so I think that will work better.  It’s the plan, anyhow! 
My birthday is in a couple days, and Kiki and I are going to the Fair to celebrate.  By eating lots of stuff we shouldn’t, no doubt.     And looking at all the animals, of course!  And the arts and crafts buildings, and the funky produce exhibits.  Kiki wants to go on rides, but something about rides at the Fair scares me.  I mean, they get moved too much – what if they forget a bolt or something??   Kiki’s birthday is next week, and she’s having a party and sleepover.  Which means the house has to be clean.  Which if you know me at all, you know that in itself is causing me serious stress!!  Which makes me want to run away.  Not to mention the eight thousand times she changed her mind about the theme, and what kind of cake she wanted, and on and on…  I will actually be making mice in sleeping bags for the top of the cake, out of gum sugar paste…. I know, what was I thinking??   I really think I worry too much about her "events" being all she can imagine them to be…I try too hard, sometimes. 
Well, that’s it for the time being!  I’m off to do some cleaning!   y e e h a w.

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  1. Well, it sounds like a lot of stress for you right now.  I can\’t imagine moving across country but things somehow always seem to work out. The birthday cake sounds cute.  I will look forward to pics if you post them.

  2. Our moving from Virginia to Alberta would be much like you moving to Virginia from where you are, except you get to stay in the United States of American, bless you!  We lived in Northern Virginia and lived about 80 miles from Charlottesville.  It is a wonderful college town and you have that relaxed feeling, as well as being able to take in and appreciate the history of the town.  I\’ve included a link that you might enjoy showing some of the historic sites and info.
    Other than the humidity, Virginia is a wonderful state to live in, boasting history, beauty, diversity of geography, and in accessibility to an interesting Metro area, where you can so easily visit some other great states and your Nation\’s Capitol.
    Bearded dragons need particular environment and it does initially cost a lot but if you get it right, including the food, and vitamins, they make a wonderful pet.  I would suggest you get a few books about them from the library and if you decide to eventually get one you will be well prepared.  They love attention from their people and are so sweet…at least Lizzie is.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU!  just in case I am not on time to give the wishes.

  3. What a great post – I was wondering about Alan\’s job, the move, your weight – 12 lbs!!!! WhooooHooooo :D! We are in the same situation, as I\’ve mentioned to you before….my husband has not worked for seven months, so I had to come out of retirement and get a job! I work full-time for a bank and I am gone 10 hours a day! It\’s a really tough schedule but I do love my job – just not the five day a week thing. You will adjust to anything – and change is good. So anyway, my husband may have a job offer way up north – we have mixed feelings about leaving our town if he does get the job – so much to think about – leaving our grown children would be HARD – but you do what you need to do.Please keep us posted on your adventure, Ann. Your new job sounds great……Caty

  4. I was going to post something here for you the other day and this is the first time I was able to get back into here.  Last week for what ever reason I could not get any links to work and since i\’m so busy wish everything I quickly move on. 
    Busy is a near understatement for me right now.  I have to raise the money to move the whole business to Texas  everything.  So I understand the weight of world some days out side my own personal stuff.  Please stop by my blog for today and anyone else on this list is welcome to invite as many people as they know.  After you read it you\’ll understand.  lj

  5. Keeping you in prayer.  What a great deal for the tuition… plus, I know how much you love coffee! 
    The cake sounds too cute!  can\’t wait for pictures.
    Kiki will remember all the cool things you make and do……  Not whether the house was clean, you know.

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