Beach Volleyball – Is that a sport??

Am I the only person who thinks this is a ridiculous thing to have in the Olympics?  I mean, really.  I grew up in Southern California.  I played volleyball at the beach.  And guess what?  It wasn’t a sport – it was a way to pick up members of the opposite sex.  Okay?!  So, if that’s included as an Olympic event, then I say we throw in … Frisbee and, hmm…. OH!  Hackysack.  Sure.  Those’d be great Olympic "sports"!!  Two other things you do on the beach when you tire of strictly sunbathing. 
Maybe I could take them more seriously if they played in a uniform instead of a bikini.

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  1. That\’s funny. Beach volleyball is my LEAST favorite Olympic sport, and I\’ve said the same things to myself as you\’ve said here. And I really hate those outfits. Really, really, really hate them.

  2. I guess it all depends on how you look at a sport. While Beach Volleyball isn\’t high up on my list of favorites….it seems more like a sport than say equestrian, weightlifting or table tennis…..those definitely shouldn\’t be considered "sports" at least not in how I look at it. But some people do take them very, very seriously so….. I don\’t like watching people in bikinis run around either but would you want to play in 100plus weather while running, jumping, smashing, etc…. in a uniform all day long?!?! It\’s gotta be hot doing that for so long and then having sand stick to the sweat inside your clothes…..

  3. I guess people that love beach volleyball would disagree… but I can\’t seem to get into that "sport" either…as an Olympic event.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments you have been leaving on my blog.  I just got caught up on your goings on.  The cleanse sounded interesting.  I have never tried one of them before.  I don\’t think I would be able to survive on just liquids.  I do know people who do them regularly and they seem to like the results.  Congratulations on your 18 pounds lost!  That is amazing!  I wish you much continued success.  I totally understand how hard it is.

  5. In response to Annette:  OUCH!!  While I will say "point taken" that we all have our own views on what makes a sport, I must beg to differ on your comment that "equestrian" doesn\’t seem like a sport!  Obviously, you\’ve never done much English-style riding or you\’d know the effort that goes into that, for rider and horse.  In My Humble Opinion much much more of a sport than playing volleyball in the sand in a bikini…. but, I will concede that it is much "to each his own".


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