Sunday NIght ~ and no Ben & Jerry’s!!

I am just about at the end, I tell you!  We have now endured for 7 days…. Alan wants to go the whole 10, but I’m not sure.  The plan calls for "7-10" days.  I just feel about wiped out.  I was fine until today; it’s actually been a bit easier than I thought it would be.  But tonight, I am head-achey, my stomach hurts, my reflux is acting up, and I just feel beat.   I want food.  I don’t even want Ben & Jerry’s, I want real food – like a loaf of bread would be nice!!  A cup of soup.  A can of corn, I don’t care!  Maybe jumping on the trampoline with Kiki this afternoon over at my folks’ was not my best idea ever, huh? 
I apologize that I haven’t visited many blogs lately…. hopefully this week will be a bit calmer and I’ll get some of that done.  Please know I am thinking of you all!!

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