I can’t believe it’s August already!

Of course I haven’t done half the things I thought I’d accomplish this summer.  That’s always the way.  Sigh.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed the summer – mostly by not doing things.  Which explains my lack of progress over the summer, I suppose.  But suddenly "the end" is in sight, and a slight panicky feeling has come over me that time is slipping by and the house is the same-old-same-old.  That I am the same-old-same-old.  That Kiki is getting older, and our time together is slipping away.  I have to tell you – a confession of sorts – Alan and I still have so many kinks in our relationship that I sometimes worry about that whole ’empty nest’ deal, and that once she’s gone we’ll have nothing to hold us together.  It’s a frightening thing I mostly choose not to think about, but sometimes it sneaks in on the backside on my brain and upsets me.  Well, enough of that.  Back to summer, or the lack thereof.  I wish we’d been able to go on vacation.  I’m quite envious of my sister, who is at this moment enjoying a beach house in Southern Cali.  With my car.  We switched vehicles because she has a large family and no reliable car to fit them all in, so she borrowed my SUV.  I bet she cried at each gas fill-up.  But it saved her the $$ of renting a car which would have cost just as much to run.  I’m driving her grubby old car with nearly 200,000 miles on it – but the plus side to me is it has certainly saved me gas money this week as I’ve driven Kiki all the way to the University downtown for theatre camp each day.  Well.  Speaking of, I need to go get myself together so I can get Kiki in at 2pm for her two shows; this afternoon and this evening.  "Opening Night" was last night, it was a really cute show.  I think my fave of the three she’s been in.  Until next time ~

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  1. Borrowing from tomorrow is something I catch myself doing, especially in my extreme hormonal hot-cold emotional times, and I have to pull myself up by the bra-straps and say "take care of today old girl" and leave the rest to Him. I was never this insecure in my emotions…even as a teenager.  It is NUTS!  I do tell K about it, and that I occasionally need extra reassurance.   May I suggest you communicate what you are going through with Alan… at a quiet time…instead of holding it in?
    Glad you are getting a little more bang for your gas dollar right now anyway.  I have a video up of Lizzie but she\’ll look more glamorous when she sheds.  😉

  2. Thank you for the comment on my "Have a Heart Trap" and catch/release mouse methods. Funny, but everyone says the same thing about the same ones getting back into the house. My theory is that when they are released, they are so concerned about preditors that they run and hide– I know, I know; right back into my house. Well, there you have it. Anyway, I was playing around with the trackbacks feature and forgot to refresh your page, so I added another trackback to your page. Two from me! Sorry. I wanted to know if this worked, and it does! Wooo Hooo! I spent today reading about trackbacks and what good they are and now I think I\’ve got it. I want to thank you again for your patience. Have a fun rest of the summer! From the Green Mts USA, play safe!

  3. Aggh about summer being gone too.   I think your fears about the empty nest are probably normal and maybe overblown the way we sometimes worry.  However use that as an excuse to find more together time because slipping apart is not fun. 

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