Day 2, Self-Inflicted Torture

I want some coffee and I want it now!!!   Sigh.  That’s not gonna happen for awhile.  So far I have survived two days of nothing but lemonade (sweetened with maple syrup or agave, no sugar) and tea.  Oh, no, not any black tea – green, peppermint, and this lovely ‘herbal ex-lax’….. not that it tastes bad, it’s the ‘end’ result, if ya know what I mean!  Oh, and cayenne pepper…. that’s another lovely thing (in the end).  They say you can put it in the lemonade…. ????  As if!!  We are taking it in capsule form, because I know for a fact that it would kill my stomach.  Besides not liking how it tastes.  Especially in lemonade, I would imagine.  So, I haven’t been hungry at all, which is weird.  Maybe lemon juice is an appetite suppressant?  I don’t know – however, I’d really like to eat.  Actually, I’d really like a mocha!!   Yesterday was really bad.  I was soooo tired, especially after the massage (which was lovely, by the way!)  that I actually was afraid I’d fall asleep while driving home!  I went to bed as soon as I got home, woke up to pick Kiki up at 3:30, then went to bed last night at 8:30.  Wow.  So not me!  I woke up 4 times before midnite because I had to go to the bathroom (aarrrggghhh) and on the 4th trip, I had a headache so bad (probably lack of caffeine) that I was nauseated and dizzy, so I took some Advil (even though Alan had thought I shouldn’t because I was trying to cleanse and that would be putting chemicals in my body) WhatEVER – I was dying!!  That helped a ton, as I then slept thru until the alarm went off….  Today was a little better, still really tired, but not deleriously so.  My arm hurts from squeezing lemons and limes, and we are going to need even more than the 4lbs I bought….sheesh.   But, Alan weighed in at his work contest today, and he’s down 4 pounds this week – so maybe this will be a little start; we’ll see.  
I’m still processing the "theophostic prayer" deal, and I go back for another massage next week…. when I get my head wrapped around the stuff that’s going on, I’ll let you in on it.  It’s not weird or anything, just, a lot to think through, and pray about…. that sort of thing.

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  1. Sounds interesting, that\’s for sure.  The cayenne pepper in lemonade??? not so sure about that one.
    Thanks for what your wrote.  Most people have said "get over it"  which I will but not yet.  Maybe I need to do the jaw thin.  That would help immensely!!!

  2. I can\’t wait to hear about the prayer massage thing.  I have heard of those cleanses before, never tried one, be interesting to hear how you feel afterward.

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