2 Years of Blogging!!

Can you believe it??!!  I actually started this blog in 2006 the week Kiki was doing Theatre Camp!  The date was the 21st of July.  This will be her 3rd year of Theatre Camp; this year they are doing "Sleeping Beauty the Rock Musical".  Don’t ask – I don’t know! 
But enough about her!!  This is all about me, me, me!!  Blogging for 2 whole years!  I can’t believe people are still reading my blog…. ’cause my life is pretty much the same, lol.  I’d love to look back and say "Wow, I’ve come so far in the past two years!" but, uh, not so much.  
Oh, well!  At least I’ve been hanging in there, no?    Well, here’s to another year!! 

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  1. Congratulations! We started at almost the exact time… I opened my original Space in Feb 2006 but didn\’t start writing until mid-July… I forget the exact date. I might should go look, huh? ;o)

  2. I think we read it because we can relate toyour life… It\’s just like ours.
    The pics on my space of Lake Michigan are no comparison to actually being there.  The water is clear and beautiful, the beach at this area near North Bar Lake (the two lakes connect by a small channel of water) is very sandy, but some areas it is really rocky.  The Great Lakes are really like freshwater oceans without the nasty salt and shark/other scary creatures.

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