Today –

Today, we went to the movies, had an ice cream, came home, wrote a couple letters and drew pictures.  Guess it was time for a break!!  I’d promised Kiki the movie if her room was done ~ and it was!!!  Will wonders never cease. 
Next week, it’s Theatre Camp for Kiki, and back to the cleaning for mama!

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  1. Woo-Hoo to Kiki and her dear Mama!  I am a bit jealous though…we never had a "Theatre Camp" but  did once or twice participate in a Youth Camp "Kangaroo Court".  It was so much fun.

  2. The movie we went to see was "Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl".  It was a good movie (Kiki loves the American Girl dolls and books) but unlike the other American Girl movies ("Samantha" and "Felicity") the plot was nothing like the books.  Those first two really followed the written stories, but this one starts with just the basics then goes down a whole different path.  No big deal, I suppose… it was a fun, interesting, and clean child-friendly movie, something pretty rare these days.   Of course, I cried.  A lot.  Kiki didn\’t get it.  I think it  is because I am wayyyy too empathetic – I put myself in the character\’s position and wonder how I\’d feel… the movie is set during the depression, and I thought of my grandparents going through those things…. I shouldn\’t do that!  I wish I could just enjoy the movie at the surface level!  I\’m kinda warped that way, I guess.  I\’ve gotta cry for other\’s pain.  But, yeah, it was a really nice day we had!


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