Then, There’s the Dog

Merry likes coffee.  With cream, please.  Usually, I pour the last tablespoon or so out on the patio for her to lap up.  She loves it   Today I sort of misjudged and poured it right into the little crease which runs around the edge of the patio…. so she’s licking it up –  (all those wet marks are from her tongue!)
Trying to dig it out –
And look close at this pic – can you see the wrinkles above her nose?  She’s got her face smashed down as low as she can, trying to shove her tongue into that crack so she doesn’t miss a drop of java – oh, yeah, she’s my dog!

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  1. I just love this blog and pictures of Merry!  I have to watch it around here with two of the kitties.  Both Cotton and Buttons will lick my coffee cup for the half and half I put in it when I am not looking and sometimes even when I am.  When I think of how much they clean themselves EVERYWHERE and then lick my cup…I cringe.  If I leave my cup unattended, I will always wash it out and refill instead of wondering.

  2. I love the pet blogs.  Our dog is the same way as Merry–she will go thru any lenghts to get whatever she can.
    Did you happen to see the messages I sent you? 

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