StupidCat (one word!)

This is my cat.
This is my cat on the roof.
Any questions??
So, I’m sitting on the back patio, enjoying a cuppa joe and a magazine.  The animals are out there with me.  The cat likes to hop up on the table, then onto the canopy of the porch swing.  He was sitting up there, watching the gardeners work out in the common area.  I guess he got a wild hair or something, because he’s never tried this before, but suddenly I hear scrambling and scritching, so I look up from my reading and he is pulling himself up onto the roof!   Here’s his tail, just disappearing around the bend from where he hopped up……
Obviously I need to pull the swing farther away from the house, so he won’t do that again!  Because I knew – I knew – he wouldn’t be able to get back down.  What is it with cats??!  And sure enough… he’s wandering all over the roof, meowing and yowling…. but not coming back down.  He was all the way out front when I got that shot of him going up the peak – that’s up to the 2nd floor – (yeah, of course I went in and got my camera!  I’ve gotta document my life!!)  I tried and tried to get him to go back to where he started and jump back down on the swing’s canopy…uh-huh….as if, right?!  He’s a cat
So, I wait, and watch.  But he’s starting to get stressed, and probably hot….it was pretty overcast yesterday (you can see the greyness of the sky) but still, it was probably nearing 80 (F) and we have dark grey asphalt roof shingles, so I  imagine it was pretty warm up there.  He is now wandering around, eyes large, mouth open and panting…so I am beginning to panic just a bit.  I finally got him to hop down to a little spot out front where we have a little roof cover over a window that’s a bit lower than the main roof, and I drug out our massively heavy ladder and plucked him down.  I know he was happy to be off, but I betcha he’d do it again today, don’t you?  Well, we’re having a lovely thunder storm today, but when it stops raining, I believe I’ll go out and move that swing away from the house!

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  1. Dang! Your kitty cat is welcome @ my house anytime. I have a "have-a-heart" trap, and I let out a mouse every other day. I finally "think" I know where they R getting in and I\’m on it tomorrow, but I bet your cat could do a better job. Stay well, play safe, and watch yourself on those ladders around the house.

  2. Oh, what a curious cat!  :- DI suppose he\’ll learn from that roof venturing? heh.Mamma Mia was somewhat \’sleazy\’ in some parts but, there wasn\’t any of the bed stuff that I remember.  Over all, it was a good movie and Meryl Streep did her job well.  I heard the movie received bad reviews.  The movie is hilarious overall.  This one falls in the middle…I think I would wait for it come out on DVD.  I didn\’t mind seeing the show w/ Ava as she enjoys musicals.  If it weren\’t for her, I would have waited. heh.Have a great week…so very delightful to hear from ya,Hugs,KiM

  3. Wonderful pictures, Ann!  My husband\’s cat did that when he lived in a top floor condo and since he got Rip from a pound, she was also a cat without front claws, because whoever had owned her previously had her declawed.  My own kitties arent\’ declawed and the furniture has suffered but I still would rather have it suffer than them.  Anyway, can relate to this and I am glad you were firewoman for a day out of love for your kitty.

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