Ahhhh….. getting to sleep in!!

Vacation Bible School is over.  It was a blast, actually, but I am so excited to get to sleep in tomorrow!!  Yay!!
Kiki’s friend is spending the night.  Kiki was at her house last night.  And I forgot that two nights of anyone sort of gets to be too much for my daughter – they weren’t doing too well by bedtime, so I was glad they fell asleep while watching their movie.  (they swore they were going to stay up "really really late")  I have got to remember this point – NO friends or cousins 2 nights in a row if I can help it!!
Merry has a wicked ear infection – bacterial and yeast.  Poor girlie dog.  Our little trip to the vet today cost $166.00!!  Not to mention she got all stressed out while the doc was examining her, and I just happened to be standing by her hind end – and she piddled all over my leg.  Niiiiice.  Gotta love that dog!  I’d been trying my little home remedies which sometimes do work, but not this time around, dang it. 
Well, I’m off to bed or the whole ‘sleeping in’ point will be destroyed by the girls getting up too early for my liking….. I’ll try to get more regular on my blogging again.

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  1. i got a bit of an ear infection too…they really suck…♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someones day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  2. It sound are You were busy time with chhild and dog and cat …Well cost a lots of money for vet but it\’s parts of your family…
    But the Vet charged too much? theseday nothing cheaper …..
    I hope you have a good rest,      

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