One down, one to go…. Vacation Bible School

Am I the only one who agrees to do something, then when the time actually comes wonders if she really should have her head examined?  (okay, y’all know I need my head examined, but let’s overlook that for the moment, shall we??)  This week was VBS at my parent’s church, and I have volunteered to help at it ever since we moved here…. I think it started when I took Kiki the first year, and they were shorthanded, so I stayed on.  This was the 4th year I’ve helped now.  It’s a small church, so I know most of the folks – and they at least know who I’m the child of, if nothing else.  This was the first year, however, that the VBS at my own church is being held on a different week, so like a moron I signed up to help at that one, too.  I am sooooo stinkin’ tired after this week, the last thing I want to do is do it all over again next week!  Not to mention I have no source of transportation.  Nope.  Alan sold his little pickup, and we’ve both been scouring the paper and internet, and there is not squat out there in our price range.  I mean, without Bondo and rust.  Unless I want something that gets lousy mileage, which is the reason I’m in this spot in the first place….. sigh.  I’m so not into beaters.  Weird, I know.  Luckily, one gal who does my mom’s VBS lives near me, so we got a ride each day.  Is that lucky?  Would it have been luckier if I couldn’t have gotten there??  Lol.  Next week is a different matter.  We live pretty far away from our chuch, and chances are no one is coming from here to do VBS next week…. I’m not sure what I’m doing about that, yet.  So last night we were out looking at motorcycles.  Alan tried very hard to just be reasonable and all, but I could see that old gleam returning to his eye.  He sat on this, umm, I think it was a Ninja 1150, and sheeshh….. I think I’m glad we can’t afford one of those!!  (Oh, he’s had them in the past – as we told Kiki last night, "we used to be cool"….heeheee)  The little 500’s were more in our catagory…. maybe a 650.  But then you have the whole ‘snow and ice’ deal in the winters here…. he probably couldn’t ride year ’round like he did in California.  Not to mention he wasn’t a "middle-aged fat man" back then, either  (his words, I swear!)  so it could be harder on him, now.  I hate being poor.  Yep, he still loves his job and he still isn’t making money at it.  That doesn’t work out too well, y’know?  Last night I got the "we need to think about selling the  house" speech.  Dang it.  Living in my parent’s garage doesn’t seem all that appealing to me.  In fact, we’d have to live in the shed out back, really….dad would never turn his cars out for us.  That’d be funnier if it didn’t hold a whole lot of truth in it. 
Well, Kiki is spending the night at my parent’s tonight…. guess I’ll try to figure out something fun for Alan and I to do on our "night off".  Hey, not that!  Did you miss the "middle-aged fat…" description of us???  Lol.  Hey, maybe we’ll go out for ice cream……  hehhehheh.

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  1. Yeah I totally understand… I volunteered for VBS at my church too and I wonder about me sometimes…… It seemed a good idea at the time……..I was just thinking today, how I could get out of it. I will probably have fun once I\’m there. Hope you do too and good luck car hunting.

  2. Sorry to sound jaded, but I am soooo glad my VBS days are over!
    We were also considering a motorcycle- an upright Goldwing, not a rice burner- since Chris commutes, but we found a commuter bus that picks up a mile from the house & drops him 3 blocks from work for $112 a month 🙂

  3. Ann: I understand how tight with money things can be…my husband has not worked for six months now! He\’s supposed to start a job the end of this month on a "trial" basis – what\’s with this "trial" basis? Do people not hire permanently anymore? As I said before I got a full-time job and I\’ve been there for a little over three months now – at first it was sooo HARD, but ya know what? I\’m really loving it now and even getting used to the full-time….who knew??? Hang in there…is Alan making ANY money, or just not much??? If he isn\’t making any, maybe he needs to look for something else??? Just an idea…..hang in there, Caty

  4. I dreaded (felt overwhelmed by) and loved VBS all at the same time.  It IS exhausting, especially after teaching all day and being involved with sundry other ministries.  At the end of the day…I was always glad that I participated when I was able…and will be praying you can work it out with getting transportation. 
    May I suggest you talk to those in charge of your own VBS and let them know about your transportation difficulties?  Maybe you could be released from that obligation, or they could help arrange transportation, or give you a different task that wouldn\’t involve you having to be there (such as preparing craft supplies, baking or putting snacks in baggies if your VBS supplies those, or something else that you can leave on Sunday or a day that Alan can take you.  
    Wishing you a good and "communicative" weekend. 😉 

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