So what did YOU do on the 4th?

We went camping.  At our church.  In a borrowed-from-work motorhome.  Weird.  It was the 1st time our church had tried this, so only about a dozen and a half of us showed up to camp…. everyone in tents, but us.  So we looked like the snooty rich family.  Which is a total joke if you know we are about on the verge of not even being able to afford our house anymore, let alone a pricey play toy….but, the beds were comfy, anyhow.  When it got dark (which is about 10:30 around here!) some folks went downtown to watch the fireworks at the University, and some of us hung out at the church where they showed a movie outdoors against the wall in the courtyard.  It was fun, actually.  Weird, but fun.  After the movie, we had a fire and made S’mores.  Mmmmm. 
Kiki got really bored the first couple hours we were there (by choice, totally…. she had stuff to do, but was in a mood and therefore decided she had nothing to do….arrrgh.)   So I finally handed her my camera and said "go find something to take pictures of!"  The results are in my photo album.  Not bad for her first attempt.  Later my sis dropped off my niece, so then Kiki was all hunky-dory again.
Here are some pics of the event:
Here’s the RV we took – a used Class C, selling for "only" about $70,000.00….. (at least it’s worth less than our house!)
 (that’s me in the bottom right corner….)
Some interior shots –
This was Kiki’s little nook – check out the Bambi pillowcase – that was actually mine when I was little!!
Then the girls hid when I took their picture….

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  1. Well, it was fun for a weekend.  I would love to go use a camper like that one.  We camped a few times with the kids but never in anything like that!

  2. Reminds me of the days (early 80\’s) when Dave\’s folks had a motorhome that we got to borrow occasionally.
    Hmmm  I\’d love to have a 5th wheel…  Jon and I checked them out one time at a camper show at the mall.  They had two sets of bunk beds and he thought that was just the right number for our family!

  3. It looks like a fun time.  We spent the fourth of July cleaning out our house, because we are moving to Germany.  My husband is in the military and we are being stationed there for three years.  Anyways we will be visiting family for the next couple weeks, and it looks like I may be spending a couple of nights in a camper.  Wish it was as big as yours, but oh well.  Happy belated fourth.

  4. That does sound like fun- especially with a comfortable bed (Mama Meg doesn\’t sleep on the ground unless she faints :-P) My hubby works in the motorhome industry (20+ years) & we don\’t own one- we have tent trailer someone gave us & we\’ve never used, but it\’s ready to go if we ever get the chance 🙂

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