Too much research

Alan sold his little pickup today.  So now we only have one car – yeah, that’ll work!  Actually, we’ve been trying to find a little economy car (my dad’d say an "econo-can") for me to drive, since I post the most miles…..and we really owe too much on the SUV to reasonably trade it in, so we figured; sell his truck for cash then buy something I’ll actually drive.  I refused to drive his pickup (not because I don’t like trucks!  I’m a truck kinda girl!) but not his – manual transmission (which would be okay but it has a ridiculously long clutch for my short legs!) and no air, and no power steering (no joke, I’ve nearly hit people when trying to pull into a parking lot because the thing is a bear to turn!)  We’ve been looking around some, but of course any dealership wanted to give him a pathetic amount for trade-in value…so, we knew we’d be better off to sell it and use the cash for the ‘new’ car.  And that’s where the headache comes in!!  We’ve got a limited amount of cash to spend so that sort of limits you!  When we find something, I research it online – and good lord, they all suck!  Whether it’s safety, or recalls, or just generally not well made.  Ugh.  I’m not even talking about lack of good looks, because that’s a given that I’m not going to find anything exciting.  Last night my mom’s friend said she was going to sell her VW ‘new’ bug – not what I’d really looked for but it’s pretty dang cute and she said she gets awesome mileage…. but then her husband said "no, it is not for sale!"  Go figure.  Old people.  Lol. 
Sometimes too much knowledge can be a burden.  I don’t even want to look anymore!  Uh, but, that won’t really work, now will it?  Because I have places to go, things to do!  Do any of you have a little economy car that you think rocks??  Let me know, huh?  Maybe help me know what to look for?

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  1. You can\’t beat the Toyota Corolla for reliablity, and they have pretty good gas mileage. Not sure how old you\’re looking at, but some of their smaller cars would be good, too, like the Echo or Tercel or something — if gas mileage is your primary concern.
    Toyotas sometimes go for higher resale than other brands, but that\’s because they\’re good, reliable cars.

  2. Kathleen over at Just My Journal just bought a Toyota Corolla – you should go over to her blog and read about it. Good Luck!! Caty

  3. I just went through the car shopping nightmare and blogged about it.  I should be picking up my 2007 Toyota Corolla by next Monday.  Automatic transmission gets between 27 and 37mpg.  Several people have told me that Toyotas are super reliable and they have known them to keep running for 175,000 mile and up.  The Ford Focus and Pontiac Vibe get similar gas mileage and cost less, but I am not sure about reliability since they are fairly new models.

  4. My daughter and I both drive a Yaris. I get between 38 and 41 MPG. I love my Yaris it is a lot of fun to drive. I had a corolla which I loved until someone ran a red light and bam no more corolla.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you find the car.  Sounds like a Corolla is a pretty good value.
    The kids had so much fun at the Firemen\’s Dance tonight.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  6. I would look for a toyota. We had a corolla for 15 years and it ran beautifully…until I totaled it. LOL!

  7. Our experience with Toyotas was good, except my husband seemed to be a moving target in them. Both were smashed in wrecks not his fault.  We have a hyundai and have been very pleased with it. Had it for 10 years now.

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