Time flies even if you’re not having fun

It’s already July??  When did that happen?  This week I am supposed to be cleaning the house….wait, that’s not quite right… I am trying to dig out the house from under a pile of stuff.  (If you think I’m exaggerating, I could post pics!)  We spent all day yesterday trying to find Kiki’s room….still haven’t dis-covered it.  Today I was supposed to go to a, I don’t know, a therapist/counselor/new-age healer chick.  I had some misgivings about going – that whole "Christianity vs. whatever the heck this stuff is" and should I go or not….  I prayed really hard about it, that going would help.  So, this morning I dropped Kiki off at my sister’s house, got lost trying to find this gal’s house, never could find the address, tried twice to call her, finally got someone at her number – who told me she’d had to go to the hospital very early this morning with kidney stone trouble.  So.  Was that just a case of my cruddy luck, or was that God telling me I need to find a different way to deal with my problems?  Sigh.  So of course I had to do a little ‘retail therapy’ to make up for that, lol!  I wasted pretty much this whole day, not to mention spent money I shouldn’t have.  Which is one thing I am really good at.  You gotta go with your strengths, right??! 
Got some more reflux medication samples from my doctor.  So I don’t have to fork over $105.00 for the stuff, yet.  Yay! 
Kimba the cat is still hanging in there.  I call my mom every day for the daily update.  He is actually doing a little better, but not great. 
Alan is still loving his job but still barely making any money.  So that sucks.  Not him loving it – the no money part.
Well, I have a birthday party to go to tonight, and I am bringing a fruit salad – what’s up with that, anyway??  I swear, lately, every time I am invited over to someone’s house for a meal, it’s like "oh, and would you please bring…..".  It’s not that I begrudge them – whoever – of needing a little help (except, well, you invited me, so why aren’t you providing this?).  Mostly, I am just lazy and don’t want to be bothered.  Which is why I haven’t invited anyone over to my house….. lazy, lazy.  And poor.  Anyway, I gotta go chop up some fruit….

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  1. This makes me giggle.  I despise the being poor thing, and I never have anything good to cook for a get together on hand because I don\’t plan ahead for the grocery shopping.  I usually make a fruit salad or veggie salad, but that is like the most expensive thing to do right?  Not like pasta salad cheap. 
    We\’ve just got to remember that God is still good, even when our circumstances are murky.  He is still good.
    I guess if I were you trying to figure out if I should go to that new age doctor… I believe in the little inklings of feeling that you are experiencing as one way God speaks to us.  Just trust Him.  You will make the right choice if you go with your instincts there.

  2. I am sure things will turn around soon and this will be a distant memory.  Sometimes waiting on God is so hard, and then we get there and say, Now I get it.  I went through that last week again, probably will next week about something else. ; )

  3. Good Morning Ann,  Thanks for stopping by.  We currently live east of Everett Washington on the west side of the Cascades.  We are looking for some property with or without a house in Northeastern Washington. When we fine something we like we will not be moving for a few years.  My husband has a hard time with the idea of retiring.   I have heard of Rathdrum Idaho, but to not know where it is. 
    Sorry you are horseless now.  I cannot imagine my life without several hroses in it.  I have usually had two.  In the early days before I owned my own place and I had to board I had one, but since the late 1970\’s have had at least 2 and usually more.  Sometimes the work gets to me, but I am lucky to have a neighborhood girl that cleans the barn for me.  During the summer months when the horses are outside at night she is moving and stacking our wood and doing some weeding.  I hope to start teaching her about trail riding soon.  I need to get a Release form done for her parents to sign. 
    I have hay coming in a few hours and I need to get moving along.  Have a great day.  Penny 

  4. Definately – God protected you, Ann.  I foolishly saw reflexologist and got a full blown fms attack.  I believe it was because she didn\’t have the Spirit of God but the spirits of the enemy working with her.  She isn\’t a bad person.  Far from it.  Still, it is not Godly.
    Yours was one of the addresses I lost so I was so happy to see your friends invite!  bless you and thank you for thinking of me, g

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