I’m all alone – WeeeHAAA!!!!

Well, I am all alone – Kiki flew off all by her little self yesterday!  It was so cute – just minutes before boarding, another little girl walked up who was also wearing the "Unaccompanied Minor" lanyard, and carrying a stuffed animal!  You must know Kiki had her horse with her – her very, very special buddy!  So Kiki gathered her courage, walked over to the other girl (who was probably a couple years younger than Kiki) and asked her if they could sit together.  She agreed, and aparently they had a fabulous flight!  She told me when we talked on the phone that Grammy’s gonna take her to her salon for a haircut, and that she is going to let her dye her hair hot pink.  Lol.  What is funny (in a sad, strange and annoying way) is that Kiki’s been wanting to dye her hair for ages now, and daddy kept saying "no".  (I’m the "Heck, why not?" kind of mom)  But, when Kiki asked Grandma to take her, and Grandma asked daddy – her little boy, ya know – if it was okay with him, he said "yes".  What the??  ‘No’ to me and Kiki, but okay if his mom asks??  What is that weirdness between a grown man and his mother??!!  I’d have had a lot to say about that, except that it worked in Kiki’s favor and I don’t personally care what color her hair is, so whatever.  It will be interesting to see if they really go thru with it.  If I recognize my own child when I go to the airport to pick her up. 
So today I have done absolutely  n o t h i n g.  It’s been quite lovely.  I’ve been able to hear my own thoughts, which is a wonder.  Not that I’ve liked them much…. I suppose I need to find something to do!
My little girl – on her own in the big, big world….. well, not quite alone – she has her "stuffie" (the horse!)
She was a little bummed that she didn’t get to fly on "Shamu"…


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  1. I am so!!! sorry for your stomach ails.  I\’ve been dealing with poison ivy in My Wonderful Life, so I sympathize with the nights without sleep.  I hope your witch dr has helped.  That Troudea guy… I\’m not so sure about him.  He seems a bit like a tele-evangelist sometimes! LOL  But I do know that all of the sugar and refined junk we put into our bodies doesn\’t do us a bit of good.
    Kiki looks so grown up… flying by herself… OMG!  I think I would freak!  Course, I\’ve never flown myself, sooooo…  Whatever will you do for a week with nobody but the voices in your head to kepp you company? LOL
    And I can not believe my ees!!  But I saw that EXACT motorhome parked in a local McDnonald\’s this evening!!  Go figure!  And I briefly thought… THAT would be a cool way to live.  Until I got tired of it.  haha
    Enjoy your week and your summer!
    Tammy  :):):)
    It\’s A Wonderful Life

  2. Durn it Ann!!  It\’s been awhile!  My Bad!!  You still crack me up!!!  Our closest beaches are Huntington, Seal, Bolsa Chica and Sunset!!  It\’s even hot there!!  It\’s 9:00pm and still 80! 
    Grab that umbrellla!!!!  LOL! 
    We REALLY need to visit more often!!  Good to hear from you!!

  3. Awwww – I bet she was – what a cute airplane!!!!!Thanks for visiting my blog – and – I\’m so terribly sorry about your horses – losing them is the pits.Please check out my full website if you want – it\’s very out of date because I haven\’t had the heart to do it since that other year – but, still says lots about aztecas – http://www.aztecas.co.ukAll the best Rachel

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