Hah! It’s the next day.

Hey.  I’ve got nothing to say, but I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I actually blogged two days in a row?  So here I am.  Done a bunch of laundry today, yeehaw.  But at least Kiki may have clean undies to take to Grandmas.  We might go look at a car tonight – 1980 Alfa Romeo Spider.  Cause that’d be totally practical for me, don’t you think?!  lol.  I love my suv, but it’s such a gas hog!  I’m trying to figure out if I should trade it in, or buy a cheap car for cash and just keep the Isuzu garaged for those days when I need the big ol’ guy.  The suv, that is.  Hence the looking at the 28 year old Spider.  I gotta tell you though – that was my dream car when I was in high school!!  Oh, crap.  Just how long ago was I in High School then???
First, maybe the upper bit was confusing – we have just two vehicles currently – my Isuzu Ascender (the SUV) and my hubby’s little Ford Ranger.  He’s keeping his truck (decent mileage, not to mention paid cash for it) so it’s just my suv up for discussion.  Do I trade it in for something (relatively) new that gets much better mpg, but lose a bunch of money in the process (owe too much on it, of course!) so we’d still have 2 vehicles, just a different one in the pair,  (eventually the better mileage would cover the loss) or, do I pay cash for a little beater-type car that will save me gas money, and just keep the suv for ‘necessary’ times….so then we’d have three vehicles, two paid for…. does that make sense?
Anyhoo, went to see the car… as the owner said, it’s a 20/20 car – looks real good from 20 feet away or moving past at 20 mph… lol.  A bit worn on closer inspection.  We knew that beforehand, so no surprises.  In a way, I find it a little exciting – it’d be sort of a "project car" and I’ve thought about doing that before….(my dad’s a ‘car guy’)  but, on the other hand, it has to run good, because I can fix the ‘looks’ a little at a time, but I can’t have a car to save me gas $$ if it doesn’t run, eh??    I’m thinking of taking my dad out to see it tomorrow, get his expert opinion.  Of course, I already know what he’ll say – he’s always been a mechanical guy – he’d jump at it if it looked great but didn’t run, but he’s not so much on the cosmetic rebuilding.  But, I want him to tell me if it’s mechanically sound, so we’ll see. 
I am out of my reflux meds, so I just unloaded my entire dinner – and, possibly, my  lunch – yeah, it was that bad.  Well, now that that’s over with, I can go to bed with no worries!  I knew it was gonna happen, so I figured there was no sense in lying down and feeling miserable, just waiting…. Wouldn’t you think that would help me lose weight??  I mean, it’s like being … oh, shoot, what’s the word??  The whole ‘purging’ thing?  Bulimia?  Anyway, no, it’s never helped, no matter how many meals I’ve lost.  That’s my luck. 

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  1. I\’d say go with your instinct.  I kept wondering if I should sell my suv and just couldn\’t part with it and look at what happened to my beautiful truck!!!  Oh maybe you didn\’t read that.  No worries.  Do what feels the best for you.  Take care,

  2. Well,
    Thanks for the drop on by my space first of all-
    Get it!!!
    dream cars only come by every once and a while!
    GET RID OF THE SUV- No need if you have another one available when you really need it!
    That\’s just my point of view though!!!!!

  3. i am with you on the acid thing…this whole prgnancy thing has the back of my throat burning all the time….
    as for the car…not really a great idea…why not get something like a beat up old Jap car….they are much better on gas…? 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  4. this is the first time I\’ve gotten time to even read in a while.  If you stop by you\’ll see what I\’ve been up to.  starting a business for my oldest daughter.  we should talk about that for you guys.  And I\’d love to talk personally to you about the food thing.  Buy the spider, you\’ll love the experience with both the car and your dad.  If he\’s upt to that it would be great.  private email me and we\’ll talk ok.  Lady J

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