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I thought that having Summer Break would be awesome.  I forgot that moms never get a break.  The difference in summer is that Kiki is now home every single day.  I can’t even hear the voices in my head anymore!  Oh, I love the kid dearly, and most of the time I enjoy her company.  Lately however, it seems like I could really use a break!!  So, guess what?  She is leaving this weekend to go spend a week at Grandma’s!  And I’ll probably be missing her like crazy, won’t I??  I’m weird like that.  I’ve just been really stressed over – well, life, I guess – and she’s on my last nerve a bit.  Not her fault.  But I think it’ll be a nice break.  She’s flying on a plane all alone.  She’s never done that before, and I am a little freaked out about it.  Just because she’s my baby.  It’s a direct flight, and only about an hour.  We’ve done it together bunches of times.  I can’t believe I think she’s grown up enough to do this!  She’s really excited, and a bit nervous as well.  This week we are doing lots of laundry and packing and buying new stuff to take…. we went clothes shopping today.  She made some – interesting – choices!  I couldn’t convince her of my opinion that "shoes make the outfit."  She’s like "I have tennis shoes, sandals, and flip flops.  I’m set."  HUH!!  She is so not my child!!  I wanted to buy her a pair for every outfit… after two pairs of "they’re too tight" she wouldn’t try any more on.  I suppose Alan would be proud.  Saved him money. 
Anyway, I have stuff I’d like to whine about, but I think I’ll spare you for today.  I’ve just been busy trying to keep my head about water around here, house-work-wise, so I just haven’t gotten on the computer at all.  Things are going alright…. I’ll try not to stay away too long….

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  1. Hi Ann i know what you mean about your kids being on your last nerve, but also that if there not there you miss them like crazy, guess its called being a mum, CHOKKA, yeah it does mean full glad you liked it, love and hugs Amanda xx

  2. i am sure that she will be fine…the fact that she is actually ok with the idea is enough to let you know that she will be ok…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  3. Don\’t worry Ann, you\’re not weird, coz\’  if you are, then all moms are….LOL!  She\’s  your child alright,  but not a baby anymore i guess, so,  much as you may be reluctant to be so, you have to get used to \’growing up\’ with her so that new things about/around her won\’t be so surprising!Lots of luck to all mothers!

  4. You can "whine" all you want – what are friends for? I think part of having a blog is to journal and share and get things off your chest. Your problems are like all of ours – and we can help each other get through it. Hope Kiki has a wonderful trip to Grandmas and that you get some much-needed down time!!! Caty

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