How the other half lives??

The other day when I got home, this was in front of my house…
This, which actually costs about as much as my house….. although, if I lived in LosAngeles, my house would be worth about 3 times what it is here, so would that make the price of the motorhome not seem so bad???  Food for thought.  Alan brought it home for the weekend, just because.  Not to go anywhere in…just to get familiar with it, in case he gets to sell one.  I guess that’s a perk, since we don’t seem to be actually making an income!  Anyhow, it was fun to see the looks on folks faces as they  drove by…. ’cause, yeah, you kinda gotta be a bit wealthy to have one of these puppies…. Here’s some pics of the inside….
Posh, posh….this thing has nicer amenities than my house…sheesh.  You can’t tell how big this really is inside, because we didn’t have the sliders on the street side out, as they took up too much street, lol!  So, it looks narrow, but trust me, when it’s open, it’s pretty dang roomy.

 The fridge and freezer

 The kitchen sink, and this is flatscreen TV#2 – (you can’t see it real well because the slide wasn’t out at this point)


Full-sized shower, two sinks, vanity, hoity-toity bed (too much ‘fluffy’ for my liking) …..flat screen TV#3 is in the bedroom….

nice fixtures, back-splash, wooden cupboards with nice trim

Kiki’s Special Friend enjoys the ride!!

It has it’s own washer and dryer!

A built in computer (the screen doubles as the back-up monitor) and  there is another (the biggest) flatscreen TV above this … the passenger seat is a recliner, lol…. nice ride

Oh, and flat screen TV#4 is Outside…. so you can watch from your patio, I guess, under the roll-out awnings.  Yeah.  I know what you’re thinking… because it is crazy.

And off drives Kiki’s Special Friend, to round-up a posse for a fun-filled weekend.

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  1. WOW!  Thanks for showing the pictures because we would never be able to afford one and I don\’t generally put myself through the torture of looking at things I can\’t affore…at least not something that expensive.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun just checking it out.  Kiki\’s buddy is so cute.  I should have know he would be a horse.  =)

  2.    Sure does make my little ol pop up tent camper look pitiful! Can you imagine the income you\’d have to have to bring that home???ME neither!! Have a great weekend!   Vonnie

  3. Wow!  Those are soo fancy, my dad said something about buying an RV I should send him this.  : )  I am so sure he will go right out and buy it. NOT

  4. wow…that is crazy fancy…i don\’t even have one flat screen tv…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

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